When addressing a larger audience, it is vital to communicate on the channel that is most preferable by the customers. We provide support for a variety of channels, ranging from Facebook Messenger to mobile devices.


Thanks to our integration with the messaging platform from Facebook you can connect your bot to the fan page of your brand in an easy and non-time consuming manner—it really is just a few clicks away!


WhatsApp is the most popular communicator in the world, so why shouldn’t your chatbot be available to them all? You can launch your bot there, too—contact your account manager for details.

Google Assistant

What if your chatbot could speak to your users? Launching your chatbot in Google Assistant provides you with this additional benefit. What’s more, is that you can set it up all by yourself!


Zowie Chat—coming in three different variations—lets you embed a chatbot and live chat directly on your website: be it as a expandable widget, an integral part of the website or a dedicated landing page.

iOS & Android

Should you want to provide a chat channel within your mobile app, it is possible. We provide SDK (Software Development Kit) thanks to which you can effortlessly deploy such an integration. Contact your account manager for more details.