Turn support into sales

We believe every customer engagement is a chance to sell. Leverage proven tactics that result in repeatable, measurable revenue driven by customer support.

Schedule demoWith Zowie's buying intent detection you can offer relevant products to shoppers most likely to convert
higher AOV through chat
accuracy detecting buyer intent
increase in store conversion rate

Unleash the revenue generating potential of CS

Respond on time to sell more

Your customers demand immediate attention, give it to them.

If you keep customers waiting, they’ll leave the site and take their business elsewhere. Automate the important stuff with Zowie and let your agents focus more on selling.

Put customers' minds at ease by offering them key information to make a sale

Bring offline experiences to your online store

Online buying experiences should deliver the personalized attention customers get in-person.

Consider it done with Zowie. Agents know the location, weather, past purchase history, current cart, products viewed, past tickets, and even the mood of every customer who enters your site.

"Hi there. I'd like to buy a sweater."  Is an example of buying intent. With Zowie you can identify these opportunities quicker

Deliver white glove service to your VIPs

Roll out the red carpet for your highest value customers.

Get notified as soon as high LTV customers enter your site and make sure they get the care and attention they deserve to keep them coming back.

Zowie allows you to deliver white-glove service to your VIP customers

Target high intent buyers to increase AOV and conversion rates

Deliver the perfect offer at the perfect time to close the sale.

Zowie lets you know who is most likely to buy so can offer them a promo code and connect them with a product expert that can suggest just the right item.

Zowie helps you increase conversions by making it easy to personalize customer offers

Prevent abandoned carts and churned customers

You know where customers are most likely to drop-off. 

Customer stuck on the checkout page? Or looking to cancel their subscription? Detect them, talk to them, and save them.

HI Chris! Happy to help with your subscription. I may have something interesting for you! --> An example of a

Revenue you can actually measure

Show the true revenue potential of customer service.

See exactly which tactics and which agents are driving the most sales for your business and make customer service a key pillar of company growth.

Show the true revenue potential of customer service with Zowie.

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