An Ecommerce Chatbot that Unlocks Growth

Customer service is a top bottleneck for ecommerce growth. Automating with Zowie removes that hurdle. Plus, Zowie’s knowledge of ecommerce guarantees your customers’ satisfaction.


Immediate Time to Value

Zowie automates 30% of all your customer service questions in seconds. How? Zowie is fueled by collective information gathered from all our ecommerce clients.


With so much to learn from, our ecommerce chatbot has developed a deep understanding of customer service for online shopping. Ready-to-use automations allow Zowie to start answering questions now.


Automation Now


Total Automation


Up and Running


Always Hungry for More Knowledge

Zowie never stops learning. Our ecommerce chatbot integrates with all the major players – Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. All you have to do is plug and play. Zowie learns from historical and current conversations.


We know that 30% of all ecommerce customer questions are about order status or tracking numbers. Zowie automatically pulls data from your ecommerce platform to provide immediate answers to these types of questions.


Advanced Customer Service Triage

When the situation calls for a human touch, Zowie collects all necessary information to route the conversation to the right person. Thanks to advanced triage and smart ticketing technology, the most complex requests are sent to the correct agent or department.


“We were shocked how fast Zowie automated our customer service. We needed a fast solution, and we got it!”

Agnieszka Pietrzak

Innovation and Development Coordinator at ALAB Laboratoria

zowie multilingual support

A No Borders Ecommerce Chatbot

With online shopping on the rise, borders are becoming less of a boundary for ecommerce companies. But if you want to sell everywhere, you need to speak the lingo. Zowie’s ecommerce chatbot can serve your customers in 56 languages. All it takes is one click.

zowie multichannel support

Zowie is Integrated and Channel Agnostic

We know how important it is to be where your customers are. That’s why Zowie plugs into your existing ecosystem and provides automation across all your channels.


Whether you provide customer service via your mobile app, social media profiles, or website, Zowie is there. And if you ever decide to change your tech, Zowie goes with you so you never lose your automation.


Zowie Aims for Customer Satisfaction

Providing online services is all about speed and convenience. Your ecommerce chatbot shouldn’t be any different. Zowie reduces customer churn by providing correct answers right now.


Boost customer satisfaction by using a chatbot that really works! No matter how much you grow, Zowie scales with you to make sure that you and your customers are never frustrated.

Ready to check how Zowie works in practice?