3 Ways to Unlock Customer Support’s Revenue Generating Potential

Discover how to turn your customer support center into a revenue center
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Unlock CS’s Revenue Generating Potential

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Every customer interaction is an opportunity to sell. Give CS agents the tools to maximize conversions.

Customer support should drive revenue. Learn how in this webinar featuring Zowie CPTO & Co-founder Maciej Ciołek, and Adam Fishman, Head of Customer Success.In it they cover:
How to leverage proactive chat to create personalized experiences
Tips for effectively tracking customer support-driven revenue
The key tools and data every CS team needs to make the most out of each interaction
Start meeting customers at the most critical buying moments, and turn these interactions into sales.
Engage best-in-class tech to free up your resources
Streamline your business and set your team up for success
Use CS-led strategies to connect with customers and drive sales

Meet the Speakers

Breanna Moreno
VP of CX at True Classic
Adam Chan
Developer Relations Engineer at Google
Burju Perez
Owner and Founder at Burju Shoes
Markus Giesswein
CEO at Giesswein
Chris Kuehn
Head of Marketing
Maja Schaefer
CEO at Zowie
Wendi Mills
Snr Customer Service Manager at MSQC
Liz Ferriter
Partnership Manager at Google
Jessica-Rose Garcia
Customer Experience and Support Manager at OneSkin
Coley Horner
Customer Engagement Manager at Stix Golf
David Lui
CEO at Korite
Wendy Benner
Associate Director, Customer Operations at Saucey
Emily Spatucci
Customer Service Manager at EmpireCovers
Coley Horner
Customer Engagement Manager at Stix Golf
Adam Fishman
Head of Customer Success at Zowie
Maciek Ciołek
CPTO & Co–Founder at Zowie

About Zowie

Zowie delivers AI-powered automation to customer service processes, cutting wait times, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting efficiency. It’s a self-learning support tool that gets even better with time as it absorbs more data and refines responses to common customer inquiries. With a quick time to value, easy implementation and seamless integration, Zowie will transform the way your customer service works.

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