Zowie Multilingual

Localized Customer Support That Actually Works

Localizing your customer support is complicated! But it doesn’t have to be…

With Zowie’s AI-powered chatbot, you can instantly offer your customers better, faster customer support, in their own language.

Go Global Faster

Zowie Multilingual removes the language barrier, empowering companies to scale faster and enter new markets without compromising the customer care experience.

One Bot, Many Languages

Zowie Multilingual enables companies to support customers in different languages with their existing team and knowledge base.

Be Up & Running in Minutes

Like everything we do, Zowie Multilingual is 100% automated and powered by AI. No extra hiring or development needed.

Industry-Leading Translation Technology

Zowie Multilingual goes beyond simple translation. It optimizes the dialect by region, making the customer feel right at home.

Better Customer Experience. Guaranteed.

In the case of the bot’s failure to understand the customer, the message will be automatically forwarded to an agent who knows the language, making sure that the customer experience is not compromised.

Learn how to automate 74% of customer service inquiries in less than a week