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We help you grow by eliminating customer service bottlenecks through seamless automation.

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Zowie AI Chatbot Integration in 24 Hours


You’re up and running within a day.

Zowie Chatbot Online
Zowie Boost Customer Service Flowchart


Ticket deflection from day one.

Zowie Chatbot Online
Zowie AI Chatbot Boosts Customer Service Automation


Minimum total automation in 1 month.

Zowie analyzes your data and learns from it...

Zowie is a self-learning AI that seamlessly absorbs your data and learns how to respond to your customers’ questions. Zowie pulls information from several data points:

1. Historical conversations
2. Knowledge bases & FAQs
3. Ongoing conversations

Zowie uncovers insights that human experts can overlook.

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Customer Service Manager and Zowie Chatbot

...to answer 92% of your customers’ questions!

Plug Zowie into your customer support software to deliver automated responses to repetitive questions. Or use it as a stand alone solution.

1. Covers every chat channel
2. Works in 56 languages
3. Starts working in an Hour, not months

Now your customer service team can focus on the issues that demand more time and attention.

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Zero effort from your side. No code. No waiting. Immediate time to value.

Zowie does everything for you.

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Chatbot Website Improves Customer Service Experience

“In just two weeks, we were able to automate 40% of customer questions!”

Ernest Dolega-Wolkowycki

Head Of Digital Product Design & Development, Aviva

Whatever live chat tools you’re using, supercharge them with Zowie brainpower.

AI chatbots can be frustrating, but customer service automation is a must. How can you automate your customer support without the headache of building an AI chatbot? Get Zowie!

Zowie isn’t a chatbot. It’s brainpower, an evolved AI that learns. It’s fast, easy and it works! Plus, it integrates with any customer service software. Plug it in with one click. Never lose your data or progress. Take Zowie with you, wherever you go.

Fastest Time to Value

1 Week

Automate 30%+ Answers


Reduction of Cost Per Ticket


Customer Support from Day 1

Anna Janik Says Zowie is Best Chatbot

“Plugging Zowie into our existing tool stack automated 92% of our customer service inquiries, lightening the load for our customer service team.”

Anna Janik

Customer Care Director, InPost

Anna Janik Quote for Zowie AI Chatbot

How is Zowie different?

Customer Service Automation is Zowie

Customer Service Automation is All We Do

We are 100% dedicated to customer service automation. We don’t see it as one feature on a larger platform. We focus on what we do best.

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Zowie AI Chatbot Integration is Easy

Easy to Set up, Easier to Manage

You can set up Zowie in minutes without IT support. From that moment on, Zowie self-learns. You don’t have to lift a finger.

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Zowie Chatbot AI Powers Customer Support Software

Brainpower Inside Your Existing Techstack

Zowie supercharges your existing helpdesk tools with advanced automation. Even if you choose to switch, Zowie stays with you. It’s your brain. Take it with you.

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