Zowie AI

Our tools are designed with state-of-art AI technology in mind to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions to marketing, lead generation, and customer service. We then use this technology to improve building automated knowledge bases.

AI Automation

AI Automations are the most essential of the automation available. They are the perfect tool to automate frequently asked questions and utilize Natural Language Processing to facilitate the learning process of the chatbot, making it smarter and more human-like.

AI Automations make it easy to respond to most common customers’ inquiries without the need for human assistance, making it available 24/7.

AI Clustering

AI Clustering is a new and innovative approach to teach the bot new inquiries asked by your customers automatically. The algorithm groups similar questions based on their theme and suggests new AI Automations. All the agent has to do is to provide an answer to the users’ queries.

AI Suggestions

AI Suggestions are an Inbox feature that revolutionizes traditional customer service. Thanks to an in-depth AI analysis of the questions asked to the agents, Inbox can provide suggestions for new AI Automations based on their answers. 

AI Topics

AI Topics algorithm analyzes the conversations between the agents and the customers, assigning themes and providing statistics about topics, i.e. which are currently trending, which could be automated and which are rarely asked.