Zowie Builder

Zowie Builder is an all-in-one, modular tool designed for building responsive, fast, and highly customizable chatbots.

Despite all that, it does not require coding experience. It is as simple as crafting the desired behavior using modules, which are pluggable components that you can chain together.


Modules are what differs us from the rest of the market. They are pieces of functionalities that allow you to perform different actions, e.g. run contests or quizzes.

Modules allow you to create virtually infinite engaging scenarios. Furthermore, you can improve your customer service by performing surveys in which the users can give you feedback about your product or service.


Meet Campaigns — the future of conversational marketing that allows automation of marketing campaigns. Campaigns are built on top of an event & trigger system of user behaviors, thanks to which you can set up personalized and complex scenarios to engage your customers.

The system gives you a vast amount of flexibility in what you can achieve—the possibilities are endless.


We can provide support for internal APIs and hooks. If you have an internal API or a platform that you wish to run a chatbot on, we can also integrate our bots with that. If you want to know more, talk to your account manager or mail us: [email protected]

Custom components

Additionally, for clients in the Enterprise pricing packet, we provide custom components and modules designed specifically for their needs. If you want to know more, talk to your account manager or mail us: [email protected]