Powerful analytics meet actionable insights. Introducing Zowie Diagnostics.

We’re at a turning point in customer service. We’re shopping online now more than ever before, and our expectations as customers are evolving. We want help that’s speedy, thorough, and personalized. Delivering a first-rate support experience has never been more important.

Exceptional customer experiences don’t happen without stellar customer support—period. And this starts with better tools for agents. That’s why we’re launching Zowie Diagnostics today, building on our Zendesk partnership that we recently announced.

Bringing transparency to automation.

When companies buy an automation tool, it’s hard for them to see what they’re getting beforehand. Zowie is the first company in the automation space that shows you the true impact of automation ahead of any purchase. Our new tool will help answer your most urgent questions:

  • How many of your questions are repetitive?
  • How can you improve your vital metrics?
  • How will automation impact your growth?

Our cutting-edge technology zeroes in on your most pressing challenges. In turn, it equips you to make informed decisions that’ll bolster the customer experience. Take a look at what we’ve prepared.

Identify & solve your customer service bottlenecks.

Zowie Diagnostics keeps things simple. You’ll learn more about your vital metrics that impact the daily work your agents are doing. Instantly see any soft spots that require fixing.

The tool shows exactly which questions are your most repetitive and how they get clustered. This’ll unearth what’s holding you back. Move forward with this info by deploying your resources where they’re best suited.

The tool reveals your automation potential and illustrates your long-term growth forecasts. Its novel growth prediction mechanism makes future planning a cinch. 

When you do automation right, it’ll look like you haven’t done anything at all. 

Into the future. Together.

Zowie Diagnostics is only the beginning of an exciting endeavor. We’re assembling an array of tools aimed at simplifying and clarifying customer support. In turn, they’ll create superior customer experiences.

We’re living in an increasingly virtual world. Digital CS and CX will only grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Zowie is here to ensure that online customer service isn’t just as good as its physical counterpart—but that it’s far better.