Zowie’s Integration with Zendesk Set to Redefine CS

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Zowie’s cooperation with Zendesk, a leading company in customer service solutions, is officially underway. Together, we’ll be working towards elevating customer support and customer experience.

Essentially, we’ll be laying the groundwork for the customer service (r)evolution.

Zowie’s conversation with Zendesk started with a simple notion–better tools for customer support teams mean a better experience for customers. Many of Zowie’s customers are already using Zendesk, so integrating Zendesk’s software with our AI on a deeper level seems only natural. Now, organizations can tap into both Zowie’s category-defining automation capabilities and Zendesk’s customer support infrastructure.

“Zowie and Zendesk both believe in empowering customer service teams to provide a better experience for customers. Zowie’s automation & diagnostics technology helps companies to make better decisions and improve experience for millions of customers worldwide. We’re excited to build the future of CS/CX together.”

Jeff Porter

Sr. Director of Partner Programs

We at Zowie are particularly looking forward to launching an entirely new set of tools that’ll be available on Zendesk Marketplace. They’ll enable Zendesk customers to diagnose the effectiveness of their customer service and spot any bottlenecks. As a result, these companies will be empowered to make better decisions for themselves, their agents, and their customers.

Keep an eye out for additional game-changing news down the road from Zowie. It’s coming sooner than you think.