Scale your business without scaling your team

Zowie’s technology is designed to grow with you, ensuring you can always deliver the highest quality care no matter how much or where your business expands to.

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Deliver personalized care at scale across the globe

Enter new markets with one click

So you’re launching your best selling product in *gasp* Japan. No worries, Zowie has your back.

Zowie supports 48 languages across the globe and new languages can be enabled with the click of a button. You can also customize your chatbot by region, ensuring customers get the right answer based on their location.

Zowie offers more than 66 different languages, allowing you to chat with customers in their preferred language.

Struggle with seasonality? Not anymore

Temporary hires? Outsourced customer service? We bet you’ve tried both during your busiest season.

We also bet you cringe at the idea of exposing your hard earned customers to agents who don’t know your brand. Zowie scales up and down with your ticket volume so you can deliver exceptional care year round.

Zowie helps you maintain exceptional customer service year-round without the need to outsource CS to handles seasonal spikes

Grow your team expertise, not headcount

Struggling with high turnover? Your agents are customer service experts, not robots. Give them work that reflects this.

By eliminating repetitive, monotonous work, Zowie makes customer service a great experience not just for your customers, but for your agents too.

Quickly designate agents to handle a specific area such as product specialist, complaints guru, or VIP customers expert

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