“Implementing Zowie was smooth and effortless. I never thought it could be that simple!”

Tomasz Kapica

Expert, Polish Development Fund Group

3 days

from the decision to implementation

70 000

inquiries per week


inquiries automated after 3 months







Warsaw, Poland

Polish Development Fund is an institution that supports the development of businesses and Poland’s economy overall.

Their latest project was dedicated to distributing governmental funds as a part of counteracting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the global pandemic was announced, the Polish Development Fund was the first authority that the businesses tried to contact looking for financial help. The traffic was enormous—they were getting even 70 thousand requests a week! Unfortunately, they also weren’t able to respond to all of them efficiently.

“The traffic was enormous—we were getting even 70 thousand requests a week!”

Tomasz Kapica

Expert, Polish Development Fund Group


Race against time

Time was their enemy, so they had to be fast, as businesses were going bankrupt on a daily basis. They came to Zowie with one, and one goal only––automating answers to frequently asked questions. It was a matter of only 3 days. In 3 days they decided to use Zowie and implement it into their structures.


At that time, the Polish Development Fund was not using any chat-based customer service solution. When the lockdown started, their (hotlines/contact centers) were greatly overloaded, so a quick and efficient implementation was a must.

Thankfully, Zowie was able to provide fast and adequate support, and the process went smoothly.

“I recommend Zowie to every company that has to deal with a huge number of repetitive questions. Zowie automates seamlessly, practically not requiring any attention on our end, while delivering astonishing results!”

Tomasz Kapica

Expert, PFR

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