Plug Chatbotize into your Zendesk Chat to save up to 92% of customer service time in seconds.

Automate 92% of all inquiries

Save 92% of the time spent on customer service thanks to automation. Zowie will analyze your inbox, grouping the questions into topics with suggested answers in a matter of minutes!

Automate on the go

Automate fast. Automate smart. Zowie works simultaneously with your customer service team—it analyzes the questions and answers in the background to propose new topics with matching questions on the fly.

Support your support

Zowie analyzes the conversations, recognizing the user’s intent, and proposing suggested answers. It was designed to help and ease your consultants, and that directly translates into lower service time for your clients.

Omnichannel Inbox

Use Chatbotize’s full potential and direct the traffic to a multichannel inbox which allows you to take advantage of even more automation possibilities, as well as handling all chat channels in one place, smart conversation passing between agents and advanced reporting functionality.