Zowie Learning Experience

How to Successfully Automate Customer Service in Your Ecommerce?

Talk with Adam Bornak, Eyerim COO, on April 22nd (Thursday) at 9 AM PDT/ 6PM CET

Here at Zowie we tend to think that if you want to learn something, learn from the best. It’s no rocket science. 

However, providing excellent customer service in multilingual markets, while being the fastest-growing ecommerce platform for eyewear on the CEE market, growing by some 5K new customers monthly and selling in 6 countries in 6 languages… Well, that can feel a bit like rocket science!

Cooperation between Zowie & Eyerim has led to this Learning Experience with Adam Bornak, the Head of Operations at Eyerim. Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the questions Adam will answer during our meeting:

  1. Would implementing automation strongly impact your well worked-out and efficient in-house processes?
  2. How to choose the perfect automation provider for your ecommerce business?
  3.  How is it possible to automate 34% of all requests in only 2 weeks—true story! 

You will also have an opportunity to ask about other aspects of customer service automation and how it works so well in such fast-growing international ecommerce.

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Meet Our Guest

The Head of Operations at Eyerim, Adam Bornak joined the team in the early stages of the development. He started his adventure with Eyerim as the Head of  Supply Chain, working with major suppliers, making sure all the customers are satisfied with the product and service they receive, and finally implementing new processes and systems – for example, Zowie! 

Currently, Adam is responsible for new business crucial features on the website, entire prescriptions lenses segment and private label, and operations departments’ management. 

Join Zowie & Eyerim Learning Experience and learn from the best! 

Eyerim is an ecommerce platform for designer eyewear. They serve 6 countries in 6 languages across the CEE market, including Romania, the Czech Republic, and Poland. As the fastest growing eyewear ecommerce company on the market, Eyerim has set its sights on scaling and continued growth.