Zowie vs Ada,
the choice is clear.

Zowie is the only AI powered customer service automation platform that has all the tools you need to automate tickets, delight customers and turn support into more sales.

Zowie was awarded the "Best Support" fall 2022 G2 badge

See why businesses are choosing Zowie over Ada

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Zowie is designed for businesses that sell online, Ada isn’t.

See everything you lose when you work with Ada.

The Zowie Difference
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Powered by Zowie X1, AI built specifically for online businesses
Go live and start automating in just days
Can automate more than just chats, including email and social channels
Never overpay again and only pay for what you actually automate
All-in-one customer service platform with full ticketing system
Dedicated Customer Success Team
Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee
Multilingual automation that actually works

See the difference yourself


More than just chat automation

Great customer service starts with automation, but doesn’t end there. Start with chat automation and take your customer service to another level with Zowie’s all-in-one platform that Ada cannot match.

Zowie’s automation capabilities are also capable of handling your email tickets.

Meanwhile, Ada's can only automate your chat channels, limiting your automation opportunities.

Unmatched efficiency with one inbox to handle all of your team’s incoming support tickets.

Meanwhile, Ada doesn't have a ticketing management system or inbox, making the process disjointed.

Turn every chat into an opportunity to sell and convert more traffic.

Meanwhile, Ada is not built
for online businesses, nor does
it focus on increasing online

Trusted by the world's most innovative ecommerce brands

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Hey Harper achieved
60% automation
rate within two weeks

Future–proof your customer service
with Zowie in just days

Powered by Zowie X1, AI built
for ecommerce

Unlike Ada, Zowie’s AI is trained specifically for companies that sell online. Leverage AI that
is built to help scale your business.

Total time:
3 hours
Meet with your Zowie specialist
Create your knowledge base
Launch Zowie

Unrivaled time
to value

We’ll get you up in running in days, not months or even years. Even better, we’ll back it with a 30–day money back guarantee.


And yes, we integrate
with your tech stack

Drop Zowie into any tech stack, and give your agents all the tools, context, and data they need to provide timely, personalized care at scale.

Zowie is the clear choice for any company that does business online.

Make the right choice and talk to Sales rep today to see
Zowie in action.

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