Delight Customers with Google Business Messages—Your Newest Support Channel

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December 1, 2022
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The Zowie Team

Roughly 70% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and 92% of those start on Google. Your customers are already searching for you—but how can you make sure that your business stands out?

That’s exactly where Google Business Messages comes in. Google Business Messages is a way for brands to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers alike right from the Google Search and Map functions. By combining this new support channel with intuitive automation, brands can break through the clutter by offering shoppers the convenience and online experience they crave.

With a new channel comes a new set of guidelines and best practices. To help brands better prepare, Zowie CEO and Co-founder Maja Schaefer sat down with Google’s Liz Ferriter and Adam Chan to discuss how companies can leverage Google Business Messages to expand support and sell more online in their webinar, Effective Conversational Commerce & Customer Support at Scale.

How does Google Business Messages work?

Google Business Messages gives users the ability to chat with companies directly from Google Search and Google Maps. Instead of visiting a website or placing a phone call, shoppers can ask questions within Google to a live or virtual agent. 

Leveraging this new channel allows brands to have personal conversations with an engaged customer base. Now, shoppers can not only find the products and services they’re looking for, but actually take it one step further – whether that’s checking to see if something is in stock or booking an appointment.

How can Google Business Messages and Zowie help your business?

In this model, intuitive automation becomes the final piece of the puzzle. By pairing Zowie with the power of Google, brands can better engage with customers, expand support, and sell more online.

  • Better engage with customers: Using automation, you can provide shoppers instant answers to their most pressing questions. Start increasing CSAT scores and decreasing handle times through an incredibly sticky channel that users will consistently turn to for later interactions.
  • Expand support: When someone uses Google Business Messages, their conversation is saved in the chat window for 30 days. Seamlessly re-engage with shoppers – offering everything from shipping updates to in-stock notifications – to ensure they’re informed every step of the way. Furthermore, once their order is complete, this feature is a great way to gather feedback and improve the experience moving forward. 
  • Sell more: Drive sales by helping shoppers find precisely what they want. From personalized product recommendations to the ability to quickly book an appointment, your business can use this channel to raise a shopper’s chances of completing a purchase. 
“Combining Google Business Messages with Zowie provides a tremendous opportunity for ecommerce and other businesses to sell directly to the consumer in a one-on-one fashion and kick off their relationship.”
— Liz Ferriter, Google Partnership Manager

Watch the webinar on demand

Discover how Google’s game-changing feature and Zowie’s industry-leading customer service automation can help you bring high-quality customer support to the masses.  

Learn how to expand your customer support to a new channel by watching the full on-demand webinar, Effective Conversational Commerce & Customer Support at Scale.