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The generative AI-powered customer service platform built for ecommerce.
Deliver highly personalized experiences while solving 1.5x more tickets every day.

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Deliver 150% output every day

faster first response time
drop in resolution time
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Boost productivity

Agents spend most of their workday in the help desk. We've improved everything for the fastest, most efficient experience, helping you get more done.

Enjoy unparalleled speed

Say goodbye to frozen pages and slow-loading windows. Zowie’s cutting-edge solution responds to requests in milliseconds.

Simplify effective ticket routing

Smartly manage tickets by subject, intent, customer profile, and more. Stop reassignments and instantly get customers to the right team the first time.

Balance workloads with auto-assign

Remove ticket selection by auto-assigning conversations based on team capacity and skills. Now, every agent receives the perfect workload.

Maximize screen space for greater context

Enjoy a sleek design without the distractions. Zowie prioritizes messages and context so you can see more without scrolling.

Save time with keyboard shortcuts

Streamline work with keyboard shortcuts. Send, Close, Search, Change Tickets — complete complex tasks in one movement.

Eliminate duplicate tickets

Stop wasting time resolving the same issue twice. Zowie identifies tickets from the same customer or order. 

Choose Light or Dark mode

Ease eye strain and boost mental well-being with the power to choose between Light and Dark mode.

Boost productivity

Personalize every interaction

Streamline conversations by providing customer information in one spot. Now, your team can provide exceptional, personalized experiences that build brand loyalty.

Manage everything from one place

Access external data within Zowie through seamless integrations. Finally, no more tab switching!

Recap conversations with Quick Summary

Get instant context on all customer conversations. Zowie turns lengthy emails and chat exchanges into short recaps.

Improve replies with Write Assist

Instantly check spelling, improve grammar, and convert bullet points into engaging messages that embrace your brand style and tone.

Deliver support in any language

Offer lightning-fast, accurate communication in 175 languages with the ability to translate all incoming and outgoing chats, emails, and social messages.

Personalize every interaction

Perfect the online experience

Achieve unmatched success with a solution built for the needs of ecommerce. Deliver value in every conversation while unlocking a new source of revenue.

Access effortless order management

Easily handle orders, refunds, and exchanges, all within the Zowie platform.

Connect shoppers with agents

Identify potential buyers and introduce them to agents who can offer advice and remove issues at checkout.

Offer insights that drive sales

Equip agents with in-depth details on every item, enabling effortless, personalized recommendations that boost conversions and AOV.

Leverage discounts for more conversions

Share and create discount codes to turn hesitant shoppers into customers.

Better understand each customer

Provide agents with more information about a visitor they are speaking to, including their past interactions and product reviews.

Perfect the online experience

We developed a specialized large language model (LLM) to meet the unique needs of ecommerce brands.
  • Designed for ecommerce
  • Highly trained
  • Tailored to your brand
  • Secure and private

Integrates with your existing tech stack

Maximize every customer interaction

Offer every shopper exactly what they need, when they need it, with Zowie’s all-in-one customer support solution.

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