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Enter a New Era of Customer Service with Zowie Inbox

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February 20, 2024
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Maja Schaefer

Decades ago, consumer brands shifted their focus online, building websites to better connect with the new digital shopper. 

Today, we’re facing the next evolutionary leap — one centered on conversation. Customers are turning to conversation to engage, resolve issues, and buy. 

And not without reason — it’s the simplest, most intuitive way to communicate. 

However, ecommerce brands have lacked a solution capable of unlocking the full potential of conversation — until now. 

A new dawn starts today

While we at Zowie have helped businesses leverage AI to automate billions of customer conversations, we’ve seen countless scenarios where human assistance remains vital. 

Through analyzing billions of tickets, the work of thousands of agents, and insights from hundreds of support leaders, we've uncovered:

  • Agents are universally burdened with repetitive tasks.
  • Traditional customer service platforms are ill-suited for the conversational age.
  • Agents aren’t equipped to drive sales.

All of these challenges lead to prolonged wait times, increased costs, and subpar experiences for agents and customers alike.

We found this status quo unacceptable.

Wanting better for our customers and all consumer brands, we did what we always do — we fixed it.

Introducing Zowie Inbox

To launch a new era in customer service, we’re thrilled to unveil Zowie Inbox, the AI-powered customer service platform tailored for consumer brands.

Packed with everything AI has to offer, Zowie Inbox reimagines how agents interact with customers. Finally, everything is simple and intuitive. 

The result? Agents are 1.5x more efficient and empowered to drive sales while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Take True Classic for instance. 

When they switched from Gorgias to Zowie, they saw a 70% boost in efficiency, cutting support costs by 38% and generating an additional $3M in revenue by always being there for shoppers.

To our valued customers — a community of over 50 brands who helped us make Zowie Inbox the game-changer that it is — thank you. Trust, feedback, and collaboration from brands like True Classic, Avon, and MODIVO have been instrumental in our success. We’re grateful to be forever reshaping the customer service industry alongside all of you.

Join the revolution

Zowie Inbox is waiting.

Are you ready to experience the future of customer service?

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Let’s redefine customer service together — one conversation at a time.