Introducing Zowie’s AI Agent

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June 17, 2024
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The Zowie Team

We’re beyond excited to announce that Zowie’s chatbot solutions—Chatbot, Emailbot, Salesbot, and Proactive Chats—have officially been consolidated and rebranded under one, more straightforward product name: AI Agent.

Why are we making this change?

We decided to make this change for two key reasons:

First, we wanted to consolidate our product offering, to make it as clear as possible to both customers and potential buyers what they will receive when they decide to sign with Zowie.

Second, and more importantly, we want to highlight all the recent, amazing progress we’ve made in delivering a mix of declarative and generative AI-powered chat solutions to the market—from AI-powered customer responses to AI-powered sales guidance. Renaming our automated solutions to AI Agent will more accurately reflect Zowie’s product capabilities and align with our current investment priorities.

What’s exactly changing?

Fundamentally, Zowie’s product and capabilities are staying the same. Your current deployment and future plans with Zowie will not be affected by this rebranding.

You’ll notice over the next few months that naming across the platform will move from our old product taxonomy to the new, updated AI Agent product taxonomy:

AI Agent Use Cases

Instead of having multiple products that cover separate chatbot use cases, we’ve updated our product naming to center around Zowie’s AI Agent, specifically the “skills” that AI Agent can execute across the buying journey.


Zowie’s AI Agent is capable of automating conversations by learning and executing skills across your shopper’s purchasing journey. These skills can be broken down into three main groups:

  • Pre-purchase skills: Focused on the product discovery portion of the customer shopping journey, these skills aim to increase the add-to-cart rate and average cart size.
  • Checkout skills: Focused on the checkout portion of the customer shopping journey, these skills aim to increase confidence to purchase to improve conversion rate while decreasing checkout abandonment.
  • Post-purchase skills: Focused on the support and repurchase portions of the customer shopping journey, these skills aim to increase customer satisfaction while improving customer lifetime value.

AI Agent Capabilities

To better highlight the specific capabilities of Zowie’s AI Agent, we’ve broken them out into five main buckets (with more to come).

Proactive Chats: Zowie’s AI Agent leverages real-time tracking to deliver timely, personalized messages to customers who need additional guidance along the shopper journey.

Channels: Zowie’s AI Agent can be deployed across any text-based conversational channel a brand offers, enabling brands to scale conversational experiences for their shoppers.

Languages: Zowie’s AI Agent can speak (almost) any language, providing personalized conversations in a customer’s preferred language.

Training & Personas: Zowie’s AI Agent can learn from your brand’s tone, past conversations, and any additional guidance to stay aligned with your brand requirements.

Handoffs: While Zowie’s AI Agent can handle complicated shopper requests, it can also recognize when a request requires a human touch, and seamlessly pass the conversation over to a human agent.

The Future of Zowie & AI Agent

Artificial intelligence has always been at the core of Zowie’s platform—from our AI-powered chatbot solutions, our AI-powered customer service ticketing platform (Inbox), our AI-powered analytics and reporting for business insights, and our proprietary AI engine (X2). We’re excited to add Zowie’s AI Agent to the product platform and look forward to continuing to collaborate with all of you to make our offering the best in the industry.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM. We’ll continue to share updates and future product development plans for Zowie’s AI Agent over the coming weeks.