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How to Unlock Your Customer Support’s Revenue Opportunity

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September 28, 2022
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Austin Fontanella

The winds of change are blowing down on the economy, and brands are starting to feel the chill. The cost of doing business is quickly escalating, while the recent period of unprecedented ecommerce growth is now reverting to the mean. 

With these squeezes starting to come in from all directions, many businesses face a difficult dilemma: how to meet their revenue goals without sacrificing the level of service and overall brand reputation they’ve built. 

The trick lies in becoming more efficient: specifically, leveraging customer support teams to maximize conversions and drive sales. 

Zowie CPTO & Co-founder Maciek Ciolek, and Adam Fishman, Zowie’s Head of Customer Success, addressed how to turn customer support centers into revenue centers in their webinar 3 Ways to Unlock Customer Support’s Revenue Generating Potential

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Automate, Care, Grow

In the webinar, Maciek and Adam shared Zowie’s three-step approach to maximizing growth in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. This being: automate, care, grow

Step 1: Automate 

Automation has become table stakes for ecommerce brands, but the trick lies in knowing what should be automated. Typically, brands should look to automate at least 60% of tickets. Doing so frees up agents to tackle more complex cases and improves the overall customer experience by providing timely, accurate responses. 

Step 2: Care

With automation in place, the next step is streamlining your business by collecting all customer communications into a centralized dashboard. This allows your customer support department to be a source of truth regarding what your customers are saying and address any areas of concern. Furthermore, you can again improve the customer experience by delivering omnichannel support - made all the more valuable when leveraging the power of AI. 

Step 3: Grow 

With the first two addressed, the final step is turning every customer interaction into a sales opportunity. To do so, Zowie has released a new product called Zowie Grow.  Zowie Grow is a complete set of tools designed to generate customer service driven revenue. As part of the webinar, Maciek demoed how the new product works, highlighting several key features, including: 

  • Proactive chat: Automatically start chats at the most critical buying moments, connecting shoppers to product experts in order to close the sale. 
  • Buying intent detection: Notify agents in real-time about shoppers on your site who are ready to buy based on demographic and behavioral data. 
  • Revenue dashboard: Track agent success, and see what exactly drives revenue.  
  • 360-degree customer overview: Store critical customer data all in one place, empowering agents to provide a personalized experience every time. 

Watch the webinar on demand 

Change the narrative for your customer support team by giving them the tools needed to drive conversions. For the complete conversation, watch 3 Ways to Unlock Customer Support’s Revenue Generating Potential on demand. 

Watch 3 Ways to Unlock Customer Support’s Revenue Generating Potential on-demand