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What's Changing With Zowie Inbox 2.0?

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January 31, 2024
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The Zowie Team

On January 31, 2024, we launched Zowie Inbox 2.0 — something you've all been waiting for.

Leveraging X2, our groundbreaking generative AI engine, this game-changing platform is set to revolutionize the customer service experience by allowing teams to boost efficiency and personalization all within a single tool.

How will these changes affect you?

Our aim with Inbox 2.0 is to supply teams with 2 major benefits: greater productivity and unmatched personalization.

Greater productivity

Agents spend most of their time working in your help desk. To enable their success, it’s vital to provide a user-friendly ecosystem free of barriers. Inbox 2.0’s powerful features and intuitive interface empower agents to save seconds on every task — leading to hours reclaimed every single day.

Unmatched personalization

Agents interact with all kinds of customers and cases — consistently striking the right note can be quite the challenge. Inbox 2.0 does the heavy lifting, giving support reps the resources to quickly deliver on-brand replies that suit each customer’s unique needs. With customer details, auto-assignment features, and generative AI writing assistance available in one convenient location, agents are fully equipped to give every ticket the human touch with one click.

What’s exactly changing?

Inbox 2.0 introduces the following improvements:

Make it yours

With Inbox 2.0, you’re in complete control.

  • Adjust your workspace by rearranging the sidebar to fit your needs.
  • Pin or unpin elements in the Details section to focus on the information that matters.
  • Easily change the width of the Conversation List and Sidebar to create as much space as you need.
  • Sort listed tickets by Oldest, Newest, Start date, or Waiting longest (SLA).
  • Modify emails with a rich text editor that enables styles like Bold, Italics, and Underline and lets you change fonts, font sizes, text alignment, and more.

Leverage generative AI with X2

Resolve tickets faster and consistently deliver the correct response.

  • Compress conversations with X2 Quick Summary by creating short recaps of lengthy email and chat exchanges.
  • Improve chat and email replies with X2 Write Assist — instantly check spelling, improve grammar, and convert bullet points into engaging emails that embrace your brand tone and style.  
  • Translate chats and emails in real time.

Reply quicker with templates

We’ve made it easier for you to access and use ready-made response templates.

  • Enjoy better visibility with our rebuilt template experience.
  • Access templates quicker by typing "/" instead of "#."
  • Search templates by either title or content on the spot.
  • Preview templates before applying them.

Run through tickets faster

  • Use built-in shortcuts to trigger any action.
  • Access Related Conversations straight from the conversation list.
  • Add internal notes from the Composer and seamlessly access them from the conversation view.
  • Display only your Internal Notes to quickly find key information.
  • Hide ticket events for a cleaner view of your customer interactions.

Access key information with an optimized UI

We’ve improved the locations of critical features to ensure support teams can work with unparalleled speed. Now, everything is in one clutter-free, scroll-free window. 

  • Ticket ID, Queue, Duration, and Channel have been relocated to the Sidebar from the Header.
  • Last Activity and Visited URLs are now available under the Activity icon in the Sidebar.
  • The "Don't welcome back" bell is now named "Silent close." You can find it in the Composer's Action Button.
  • Zendesk and Salesforce tickets have been moved from the Sidebar to Related Conversations on the Conversation List.
  • Customer Insights are now merged with Details.
  • Choose to view customer messages or external emails and chats.
  • All emails and chats can be selected in the Action Hub.
  • Events have been grouped together.
  • Actions like Send, Close, Snooze, and Forward are now found in the Composer.

Elevate your CX with ecommerce upgrades

For our ecommerce customers, we’ve refreshed all of our tools which connect agents with customers and guide shoppers through the buying process. 

  • Gain more insights with a clear shopping cart preview, an updated display of purchased products, and a new order history and order tracking structure.
  • Access the Product Catalog directly from the Composer.
  • Find the best products with the Product Catalog’s sorting/filtering options.

Enjoy a refreshed email experience

  • Utilize BCC functionality to privately include more stakeholders. 
  • Find contacts faster with a more visible address book.
  • Tailor your emails with added Reply/Reply All support.
  • Save time by saving your Reply/Reply All preferences.
  • Secure your work by easily saving drafts in the Conversation List.
  • Ensure accurate delivery — all email addresses are now validated.
  • Give messages visual flair with in-line pictures.
  • Convey the right message with the ability to edit quotes in emails.
  • Edit attachments when forwarding emails to ensure each message is supported with the right files.
  • Communicate quickly and clearly with External Emails, formerly named Private Emails, which are now in a more convenient location.

Streamline work with our other enhancements

  • Access more information on attachment sizes.
  • Sort files in the Sidebar by agent or customer.
  • Preview picture attachments in our in-browser carousel before downloading them.
  • See agent statuses when forwarding messages to them. 
  • Select and navigate through topics more efficiently.

Zowie Inbox 2.0 — our next great leap forward

We’re confident Inbox 2.0 will bring a welcome upgrade to your help desk, and we can’t wait to hear your valuable feedback regarding this exciting launch. 

Your customer success rep will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a one-on-one training session so that each Zowie Inbox user gets the most out of Inbox 2.0.