The Customer Service Automation Handbook for Online Businesses

The definitive guide for delivering an exceptional online customer experience

Zowie's Customer Service Automation Handbook for Online Businesses

Improved efficiency has been the driving force behind automation for decades. With it, brands – regardless of their industry or sales model – have been able to optimize their processes, scale their operations, and deliver consistent, high-quality results

While the benefits of automation are clear, ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence have companies eager to try and bring this same level of efficiency to a new department: customer service. 

Today, customer service automation technology isn't just some nice-to-have feature; it's essential for empowering your customer support team to be able to effectively handle incoming customer issues, analyze customer feedback, and deliver the customer experience your shoppers crave.

With an automation solution, you're not just installing a chatbot. Instead, you're adding another member to your customer service team – one that can tackle repetitive tasks and allow you to deliver scalable, 24/7 support around the globe.

The key benefits of customer service automation

Many businesses only consider the impact on first response times when weighing the pros and cons of automation tools. However, this is only a small sample of what this technology can do. Customer service automation software enables you to take self-service to a new level – exchanging an FAQ page for an interactive experience. 

Doing so allows companies to offer six essential benefits (all covered in the ebook), including:

Delivering personalization at scale 
Improving daily workflows
Instantly collecting and analyzing actionable customer data 

With the right combination of software and strategy, you’re not just automating repetitive questions; but also freeing up agents to further enhance the customer experience by focusing on delivering high-quality human interactions that can build brand loyalty

Key metrics for measuring your ROI 

Determining the effectiveness of your automation requires more than guesswork. Positive feedback from customers is important, as are basic surveys. However, to honestly assess the success of your customer service automation, you must examine key customer service metrics. 

In the Customer Service Automation Handbook for Online Businesses, we explore four key metrics that can help your business optimize its automated processes and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Also included in this handbook:

What's possible with intuitive automation, along with the benefits you can expect  
How customer service automation can help future-proof your business
How to deliver an omnichannel solution that can unlock your customer service team  
Real ways companies are using automation to grow their revenue without losing their brand voice

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