The Customer Service-Led Growth Playbook

Discover how ecommerce brands can use customer support to generate revenue.

Zowie's Customer Service-Led Growth Playbook: How ecommerce brands can turn support into a profit center

The changing role of customer support

As online shopping continues to blossom into a trillion-dollar industry, the fight for ecommerce relevance is intensifying. In this competitive landscape, brands must find new ways to stand out. Here, your customer support team holds the key. With the right tools and strategy, CS agents will not only provide an exceptional customer experience but can also offer a way to drive sustained revenue.

More than a cost center

For many forward-thinking brands, customer service isn't viewed as a cost center but rather an acquisition channel: One that can boost customer retention, assist in cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and serve as a profit center.   

To get there, businesses should follow the three-step approach outlined in Zowie’s Customer Support-Driven Revenue Playbook.

Step #1: Automate

Great automation must be at the center of your transformation. For customer service teams to have the capacity to focus on selling, they first need to have the time. Roughly 70% of incoming questions are straightforward inquiries that can (and should) be automated.  Learn how to implement a customer support automation plan and what this will do for your CS team.

Step #2: Organize

From your tech stack to workflows, optimization is key. Before your agents can drive revenue, you need to first optimize the customer experience. 

Step #3: Sell 

Now comes the fun part – boosting your bottom line. Personalized customer recommendations are one of the best ways to increase conversions. Did you know 80% of customers want a personalized experience - and your customer base is no exception. We break down how to deliver this sought-after experience and introduce additional methods you can use to generate customer support-driven revenue.

Conversions that actually convert

Why have customer support sit on the sidelines? Discover how your agents can play a critical role in hitting important sales metrics, improve overall customer satisfaction, and drive revenue.

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