Grow Your Ecommerce Sales: 6 Ways to Boost Online Revenues

Selling online is more popular now than ever before. Experts expect ecommerce sales to grow over 16% and top $1 trillion for the first time in 2022.

Setting up an online store is one thing—knowing how to increase ecommerce sales is another. 

These simple tips should assist any company looking to drive online growth.

1. Create a phenomenal customer experience.

Customers remember positive experiences and want to relive them again and again. 

That’s why stellar CX can lead to a sizable revenue jump. In fact, companies that excel at experiences enjoy revenues up to 8% higher than the rest of their market. 

Showcasing amazing experiences is especially useful for ecommerce brands that attract a younger crowd. Millennials are the only demographic group who tell more people about positive experiences than poor ones.

Businesses looking to attract online customers should take advantage of this and create unforgettable experiences. 

Casper, a direct-to-customer mattress brand, is doing exactly this. They set up a mobile-friendly chatbot meant for insomniacs named Insomnobot3000. The bot helps people fall asleep, but it also sends discounts to those it interacts with. 

Not only do people love the experience, but they’re also more likely to become Casper customers. After Insomnobot3000’s launch in 2016, Casper generated over $200M in sales, more than double 2015’s figures.

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2. Offer exceptional customer service.

Customers often make purchases based on how a company interacts with them—it isn’t always about the products.

Worldwide, 96% of customers say customer service plays a major role in their brand loyalty. 

When customers have questions or concerns, it’s important to resolve them quickly, accurately, and in the appropriate channel. You’ll be rewarded for this service with greater sales.

For example, online shoe retailer Zappos has been famous for delivering knockout customer service since its founding in 1999. Its philosophy is to “wow” its customers.

How do they accomplish this?

Free shipping, free returns, and a 365-day return policy are just the beginning. Zappos agents have friendly, empathetic conversations with customers that aren’t limited by scripts or time.

And many say this approach is exactly why Zappos grew its ecommerce revenues so quickly. 

3. Use live chat.

People are more likely to buy something online when a given website makes them happy. To please visitors, you need to communicate with them through their preferred channels. 

Live chat remains the most popular option. Nearly three-quarters of customers say live chat is the most satisfying way to communicate with a company. 

Remarkably, 77% of online shoppers claim they won’t buy anything from a website that lacks a live chat feature.

Live chat isn’t just in demand—it also boosts sales. Live chat generates more leads than any other kind of support, and adding live chat to a website will likely cause a 20% spike in conversions.

4. Automate.

Live chat is a great tool, but human agents can’t always answer every question in a timely fashion. As your business grows, so too will the amount of customer support requests, putting increased strain on your CS team.

What can you do to give them some breathing room? Hire more? If you keep growing, will you ever have enough agents?

Adding a layer of automation solves this dilemma.

Today’s top AI chatbots can answer 80% of the most common questions from customers. 

Using a virtual assistant takes a lot of pressure off your agents, allowing them to focus on more complicated tickets. And you’ll be able to keep growing your online revenues.

On average, leading businesses say chatbots have increased their sales by 67%. And AI chatbots are quickly becoming the standard—experts predict 95% of all customer interactions will be AI-based by 2025. 

5. Create a community.

Developing an online community where customers can create their own content is a powerful tool to keep your website’s visitors engaged. 

More importantly, communities can boost sales too. About 59% of businesses say their customers use community-generated content when making buying decisions. Over 75% of companies say communities actually accelerate the buying process

For example, ecommerce cosmetics brand Glossier has grown an army of loyal customers by carefully nurturing its community. Their Instagram account, with 2.6M followers, speaks volumes. 

Glossier openly asks for and shares customer feedback, making its fans stakeholders as well as salespeople. Over one-third of its employees are “technologists” who use customer insights to innovate better products.  

Experts frequently credit Glossier’s community-based approach for its rapid growth. Founded in 2014, the “people-powered” brand is currently valuated at $1.8B.  

6. Upsell your customers.

Another tactic that’ll drive ecommerce sales is upselling your customers. Nearly two-thirds of companies are already successfully doing this.

And it pays off. 

Product recommendations on ecommerce sites can boost revenues by up to 30%.

In addition, upselling existing customers is 68% more affordable than acquiring new ones.

Ecommerce giants know how valuable cross-selling and upselling can be. Amazon has revealed that up to 35% of its revenues come from product recommendations.

Automation can help here, too. Leading AI chatbots make personalized product recommendations to customers within chat windows, letting customer support fulfill a sales function. 

These recommendations give ecommerce brands yet another chance to boost their revenues.

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Get the Ecommerce Sales You Want

How do you increase your ecommerce sales? It takes more than a good product and some luck.

There are many tactics to choose from when it comes to boosting your revenues. 

As the ecommerce field gets more crowded, brands that deliver the best service experiences will likely be the most successful.