Zowie Inbox

Zowie Inbox is an AI-centered solution created with customer care in mind. It was designed to gather your customer inquiries from all channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Chat, and respond to them from one place.

The innovative queuing system reduces the workload of your agents, and AI Suggestions make their answers smarter and faster.


AI Suggestions allow your agents to help your customers effortlessly. Why should they respond to a question related to the same subject for the thousandth time?

Let the algorithm suggest the most probable response—all your agent has to do is to accept the suggestion. It will be automatically proposed as AI Automation later.

Queueing and priority system

Queueing is an innovative mechanism of assigning conversations with your customers to different agents based on their topics. Now, you can be sure that the right person handles the issue in which they are specialized.

Furthermore, the system also supports assigning priorities to queues related to different kinds of problems. As an example, issues related to package delivery can have higher priority than those related to the state of package.

Topic marking

It the modern world of customer care, it is vital to know what the conversations between your agents and your customers are about. Topic marking is a solution that marks the conversations with their topic up to three-levels of generality, e.g. courier: issues with pickup, wrong address, no one at home.


Templates are a fast and easy way to insert a generic reply into the agent’s message to a client to  even further help with their work.


Profiling is the key to optimizing even the best running system. Reports allow you to analyze the general workflow of your agents. Thanks to many detailed statistics, it is easy to locate bottlenecks and work on a solution to eliminating them.

The reporting data is available per organization, per queue, per agent, and a predefined group of agents.