Avon Shrinks Response Times to 36 seconds with Chat Automation from Zowie

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Avon Shrinks Response Times to 36 seconds with Chat Automation from Zowie

“Avon’s business is more complex than most, but Zowie took on our customer service needs without a hitch. Whether it’s customers or consultants chatting with us, the chatbot answers them, freeing up our own agents. It’s so natural and friendly that users often forget they’re talking to a machine!”
Joanna Ziółkowska
Customer Service Group Leader

Meet Joanna

Joanna Ziółkowska is a Customer Service Group Leader who’s been at Avon for over 20 years. Her team is focused on delivering an exceptional online customer experience that matches Avon’s high-quality products. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with technology, Joanna prioritizes finding solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. 

The challenge

Avon previously offered a legacy chatbot and live chat experience that was only available to consultants. Recognition rates were too low—never surpassing 40%—to handle incoming customer traffic. In addition, the chatbot was difficult to configure and wasn’t suitable for the needs of enterprises like Avon.

Looking to start fresh, Joanna wanted a solution to help out with the following challenges:

  1. Regular monthly spikes in support tickets were overworking agents
  2. An unintuitive legacy chatbot was hard to train and performed poorly
  3. Customers weren’t getting rapid information, hurting their online experience  
"I built our previous bot on a question-and-answer basis. I had to review thousands of conversations each week and trained the bot based on what people were asking for. This was an incredibly slow process. Once I saw how simple it was to configure Zowie, I knew it was the solution we needed to bring real-time support to consultants and customers alike."
— Joanna Ziółkowska, Customer Service Group Leader

The solution

Zowie lets Joanna handle all her team’s major pain points with a single solution. The no-code setup meant it could resolve tickets right away, and customized recommendations that take seconds to implement constantly improve the chatbot's recognition rate.

Joanna quickly realized that Zowie’s automation potential was high enough to open up Avon’s live chat to all customers. Only Zowie could cater to Avon’s unique needs by delivering the following:

  • 24/7 support to all customers and consultants, even when agents are unavailable
  • Answers to service and transactional questions via chatbot thanks to seamless API integrations
  • Smart Recommendations for future automations that simplify training and keep the chatbot up to date 
“Before Zowie, we were only able to recognize 40% of questions. Now, it’s over 80%, giving our whole team more free time. Plus, Zowie is intelligent enough to train itself. It recognizes spikes in questions on a certain topic—often before we’re able to—and comes up with recommended automations for us to add.” 
— Joanna Ziółkowska, Customer Service Group Leader

The result: Best-in-class automation that spotlights product issues

With Zowie, Avon saw immediate results. Automation rates have soared, and Joanna’s team is able to handle peaks in support tickets without any added burdens.

Avon has attained these results:

  • First response time: 36 sec
  • Percentage of questions recognized by Zowie: 89%
  • Resolution rate: 61%
  • Share of chats that reach agent: 20%
  • Agents needed after implementation: 2-3x fewer

Not only this, but Zowie helps Avon whenever anything on the product side isn’t working. If customers start asking certain questions more frequently, Zowie’s Smart Recommendations picks up on the spike and notifies Joanna. Avon’s team can quickly react to whatever lies behind this increase, fixing product-related problems that were going unnoticed. For Avon, Zowie isn’t just a chatbot—it’s a guide to making better business decisions.

“Thanks to Zowie, customers get the information they need much faster. Just look how high our automation rate has grown—the chatbot clearly works. Better still, the bot detects if anything’s wrong with our products from the customers’ point of view, letting us proactively tackle all kinds of unusual situations and guiding us to better-informed business decisions.”
— Joanna Ziółkowska, Customer Service Group Leader

Everything in one place

After a few short months with Zowie’s chatbot, Avon decided to unify the whole chatbot experience for both customers and agents, introducing Zowie Inbox.

Zowie Inbox brings Avon true omnichannel support, directing customers to the best-equipped agents to handle their cases. Agents can stay on top of message statuses and create customer segments using a variety of criteria. 

This sort of proactive support is exactly what Joanna needed for her team. Zowie has evolved alongside Avon to become a fully sustainable long-term solution.

If you’re a developed enterprise brand like Avon, Zowie’s the only tool powerful enough to transform your customer service by automating repetitive questions and delighting customers.

“The Zowie team really did their homework to familiarize themselves with our business and grasp how it works. Take it from me, that’s no easy task. We have all kinds of processes and procedures that can really complicate the implementation of such tools. But Zowie understands us better than most. With them, it’s a true partnership.”  
— Joanna Ziółkowska, Customer Service Group Leader

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