Chat Automation Gives Diagnostyka Service Fit for a Leader

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Chat Automation Gives Diagnostyka Service Fit for a Leader

"We now automate 70,000 messages each week and can handle any surge that comes our way."
Monika Morusiewicz
e-Marketing Specialist at Diagnostyka

Who is Diagnostyka?

Diagnostyka is Poland’s leading network of medical laboratories. They boast a comprehensive portfolio of services like medical analyses, the transport of biological materials, and the timely delivery of test results. Each year, they serve 18 million patients at over 900 sampling labs. The company prioritizes customer care, believing that adding a human touch to their testing is essential.

And that’s exactly how Diagnostyka’s journey with chat automation began.  

As the Polish leader, they’re constantly striving to stay on top of current trends and implement the latest technologies into every part of their infrastructure. Their customer service is no exception. When Diagnostyka was looking to revamp their customer service a few years ago, their goals were straightforward:

  1. Keep Diagnostyka at the cutting-edge of the medical field.
  2. Complement and take pressure off their existing service channels. These consisted of a telephone info-line and an online form that contacted customers over email.
  3. Find a solution that gives customers clear and quick answers while motivating and engaging agents.

Automation satisfied all their needs. With Zowie, Diagnostyka maintained its reputation as an innovative leader. Their AI chatbot is now their most popular service channel. Customers who opt to call experience shorter wait times. Agents deliver high-quality answers because they’re no longer weighed down by repetitive questions.

Zowie’s AI chatbot enabled Diagnostyka to achieve the following results:

  • 79% resolution rate
  • 92% chatbot recognition rate
  • 70,000 resolved messages each week
Zowie shortens the distance between our team and our patients. This gives us the freedom to promote not just our services, but the overall health of our patients as well.”
— Monika Morusiewicz, e-Marketing Specialist

Diagnostyka Wanted a Customer Service Option that Reflected their Status as an Innovative Market Leader

Diagnostyka has a long track record of monitoring trends in the medical field. They saw early on that chat automation was the way of the future, so they fully embraced it. Zowie fluidly plugged into their website, and they had a fully-functioning chatbot up and running within minutes. 

The sheer number of messages from patients was placing a heavy load on Diagnostyka’s agents. The chatbot immediately took repetitive questions like “Where is my closest testing site?” and “What are my lab’s opening hours?” off their hands.  

Diagnostyka also realized that their chatbot gave clearer and more accurate information about medical tests than their website could. They offer 2,500 unique tests, and listing specific details for each online wasn’t feasible. With Zowie, patients could ask about any test and swiftly get a thorough, tailor-made response.  

Zowie’s AI Chatbot Forges a New Revenue Stream for Diagnostyka

Diagnostyka uncovered an additional benefit of automation—they could now recommend extra services to patients based on their inquiries. Zowie started playing a role in sales as well as customer service.

Patients often look for a single test, and they may be unaware of similar analyses that can give a better picture of their overall health. 

Differentiating between these tests is tricky for the best human agents. When patients ask Zowie about a specific test, though, it proposes related analyses. Patients can then decide what’s best for them. Diagnostyka clusters many of its tests into packages, allowing patients to save money.

Moreover, Diagnostyka’s chat reminds patients of any recurring tests that need to be done. If testing is needed at any future point, Zowie automatically sends a reminder, bringing patients peace of mind.  

Automation Provides Agile Customer Service that Navigates through any Change—even a Pandemic

With Zowie, Diagnostyka knows that scaling won’t place added burdens on their customer service. Despite receiving thousands of patient requests each day, a 79% resolution rate gives agents lots of breathing room.   

Diagnostyka wants to adapt to broad health trends as rapidly as possible, and Zowie gives them unprecedented flexibility. Customer service isn’t a bottleneck.

This was the case during COVID-19. During different waves of the pandemic, Diagnostyka saw unanticipated spikes in requests on distinct topics, like antibody or PCR tests. Zowie deflected the bulk of these repetitive questions, letting agents assist patients seeking other services.

Customer Service Automation Propels Innovation at Diagnostyka

When you’re an industry leader, you strive for excellence across the board. That’s exactly what Diagnostyka accomplished with chat automation. Patients get simple answers about complex analyses that agents or websites can’t consistently provide. 

Zowie helps out heavyweights like Diagnostyka in multiple ways. It quiets the chaos and fits right into whatever customer service infrastructure is in place. 

Automation is an all-in-one solution that couples innovation and personalization. That’s why Diagnostyka continues to provide state-of-the-art service that never lost its human touch.

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