MediaMarkt Enjoys Company-Wide Benefits After Achieving a 50% Chat Resolution Rate

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MediaMarkt Enjoys Company-Wide Benefits After Achieving a 50% Chat Resolution Rate

“Zowie brings us immense added value—it doesn't just reduce response times. Thanks to Zowie's recommendations, we see what customers are looking for and can make informed business decisions. We know where to invest our time and resources across all departments.”
Maciej Woronowicz
Customer Communications Coordinator PL

Meet Maciej

Maciej Woronowicz is the Customer Communications Coordinator at MediaMarkt Poland. After starting off overseeing customer experience in MediaMarkt’s physical outlets, Maciej played an instrumental role in setting up the brand’s ecommerce platform. He takes an innovative approach to establishing MediaMarkt as a customer experience leader.

The challenge

“Once we moved into the ecommerce space, it was obvious we’d need more than live chat. We tried out our first chatbot to relieve our agents, but it just wasn’t getting the job done. Not only did we need something to offer speedy responses, but we were looking for a user-friendly tool too.” 
— Maciej Woronowicz, Customer Communications Coordinator

When Maciej and his team launched MediaMarkt’s ecommerce shop, customer service at the company was regarded as a cost center. As a first step, a live chat support channel was added to reduce the volume of tickets that came in via phone and email. As the volume of support inquiries grew, a legacy chatbot was added to the site, but it was unintuitive and performed poorly.

Maciej began seeking out an AI solution to unlock the website’s potential and solve the following problems:  

  1. Handling tickets over the phone and email was costly and time-consuming
  2. Increased support ticket volume coming in via live chat was overwhelming agents
  3. Previous tools had a poor interface and weak support during implementation

The solution

Maciej needed an easy-to-use tool that could deliver customers quick, precise answers.

In Zowie, he found a solution that was capable of handling these requirements and so much more. Implementation lasted only a month, a fraction of the time it took to onboard most solutions onto MediaMarkt’s robust system. 

Moreover, Maciej is able to configure and train the chatbot all on his own, requiring less than 10% of his time each month. 

In Zowie, MediaMarkt secured a chatbot that offers: 

  • Rapid, accurate service that satisfies customers 
  • Relief for agents during holiday peaks that bring a 3x surge in requests
  • Recommended automations that yield company-wide improvements
  • Simple setup with best-in-class time to value
“We expected Zowie to shorten response times and please customers, but we never could have imagined it’d be this easy to use. We were running it independently after just one month of implementation. And I’m able to handle all training and configurations on my own, needing no more than a day or two each month.”
— Maciej Woronowicz, Customer Communications Coordinator

The result: Unparalleled performance — with or without peaks

Maciej was delighted with Zowie’s performance from the very start, particularly during the busy holiday shopping season. Each December, chat sees a 3x spike in traffic—email only grows 50%. 

Phone, meanwhile, is already declining, showing that the chatbot is delivering the exact service customers want.

MediaMarkt has seen the following results with Zowie: 

  • Recognition rate: 86%
  • Chats recognized per year: 100K
  • Resolution rate: 50%
  • Total automations: 100+ (and growing)
“Holiday spikes are quite substantial for us. Our team typically goes from 80 to 200 agents each winter just to handle the increase in traffic. Thanks to Zowie, we’re confident that our customer experience won’t suffer and agents won’t be overwhelmed.”
— Maciej Woronowicz, Customer Communications Coordinator

A premium experience for MediaMarkt and its customers

Zowie set the bar high for service at MediaMarkt. And it’s not just within Maciej’s team.

Zowie’s suggested automations have prompted other departments within the company, like sales and operations, to approach Maciej about training the chatbot to assist in their business areas too. Zowie doesn’t just assist customers in service matters—it goes much further.

More and more teams within MediaMarkt appreciate the value of building a positive customer experience. Customer service has now become a driver for much of the organization’s growth.

Zowie can spark a similar transformation within your ecommerce brand.

“Zowie has set the standard for customer service, so much so that our other teams are interested in adding their own automations to the chatbot. They see that it works and want it answering questions for their departments too. The whole organization is now working on crafting a positive customer experience.”
— Maciej Woronowicz, Customer Communications Coordinator

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