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“Thanks to Zowie, we've enjoyed substantial growth in our average order value, and they're still working with us to continue this growth.”
Wendi Mills
Senior Customer Service Manager

Meet Wendi

Overseeing a team of over 30 agents, Wendi Mills is the Senior Customer Service Manager at Missouri Star. She supports Missouri Star’s vision of empowering their devoted customers to create by making quilting from home accessible to all. For Wendi, this means fostering deep customer relationships through personal, empathetic care.

The challenge

“Our growth was straining our ability to deliver quality care to our customers as support tickets outpaced our ability to hire. We were extremely skeptical of any AI-based solution as our brand voice and customer experience are paramount to us.”
— Wendi Mills, Senior Customer Service Manager

After seeing sustained growth, Missouri Star transitioned from a home-grown ecommerce platform to a Shopify platform. Wendi’s support agents struggled to keep up with the rise in ticket traffic, but Wendi wanted to steer clear of AI solutions that might alienate faithful customers. 

She reluctantly began looking into tools that could potentially help, but she had the following doubts:

  1. Available tools couldn’t give agents relief without sacrificing the impeccable experience and distinct brand voice customers were used to 
  2. Existing options weren’t able to integrate fully with Missouri Star’s systems, including their Shopify platform 
  3. Leading solutions were limited to chatbots, but many customers sent queries via email and other channels

The solution

Wendi’s initial reservations surrounding AI vanished when she was introduced to Zowie. It became immediately clear to Missouri Star’s team that Zowie could solve their biggest pain points while continuing to charm customers. 

With Zowie, Missouri Star enjoys:

  • Automation that reduces agent workload, facilitates growth, and maintains brand voice
  • A long-term partner that delivers on its promises and feels like an extension of their team  
  • Complete deflection of its most common customer questions over chat and email 
“Zowie has been an amazing partner since day one. We’ve managed to achieve high levels of automation across both our email and chat channels while fully maintaining our brand voice, something we thought was impossible.
— Wendi Mills, Senior Customer Service Manager

The result: Industry-leading automation on multiple channels

Once Zowie was up and running, Missouri Star knew they had found an automation partner that perfectly suited their brand. Their Customer Service team currently sees these results:

  • Automation rate for chat: 76%
  • Deflection rate for chat: 61%
  • Automation rate for email: 60%
  • Deflection rate for email: 30%
  • Increase in traffic: 2.8x
  • CSAT for chat: 86%
“Zowie pinpoints the top questions we’re having trouble with and automates them. It takes care of those time-sensitive pain points. Overall, it’s been a huge relief for our agents.” 
— Wendi Mills, Senior Customer Service Manager

Empowering customers through intelligent automation

The bedrock of Missouri Star’s business is its dedicated customers.

Zowie picked up on this from day one and tailored a solution that let their agents shine by providing meaningful personal assistance while deflecting the bulk of Missouri Star’s support tickets—over chat and email alike.

If you’re a customer-first brand like Missouri Star that’s worried about automation harming your customer experience, Zowie can give you breathing room while preserving your voice and customer relationships. 

“Zowie has continued to be a true partner. They continue to meet with us and talk about how their automations are performing and how they can be improved. That’s what’s really allowed us to keep growing.”
— Wendi Mills, Senior Customer Service Manager

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