How True Classic Switched from Gorgias to Zowie and Uncovered $3 Million in New Revenue

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How True Classic Switched from Gorgias to Zowie and Uncovered $3 Million in New Revenue

in support–driven revenue
drop in support costs
CSAT score
“Zowie lets us optimize our shopping experience for both agents and customers. We can now solve a customer’s issue 100% using AI — my agent never has to touch the ticket, and we’re not sacrificing CSAT.”
Breanna Moreno
VP of Customer Experience

Meet Breanna

Breanna Moreno is the Vice President of Customer Experience at True Classic. As a customer service leader, Breanna focuses on crafting exceptional brand experiences while maximizing agent productivity and delivering personalization at scale. 

The challenge

True Classic had an exceptional start, generating $100M in sales just two years after launching. This accelerated growth brought an influx of support tickets that was beginning to overwhelm their agile team. Occupied with repetitive questions, agents were missing valuable opportunities to turn conversations into conversions.

So, Breanna turned to AI and automation to regain control. 

Originally, True Classic selected Gorgias but quickly discovered it couldn’t keep up. Gorgias’s rule-based chatbot lacked AI capabilities and often gave customers incorrect information as it didn't understand their questions. This led to poor experiences and ultimately created more work for agents. Furthermore, it couldn’t capitalize on high-value interactions — lacking the features needed to actively drive sales or empower agents to close deals.

Underwhelmed, Breanna decided to change course and search for an AI-powered solution built for their needs — one that:

  1. Delivers accurate automated answers to resolve more tickets without agent intervention
  2. Leverages customer feedback to automatically improve recognition and resolution rates
  3. Offers access to the latest advancements in AI
  4. Provides agents with detailed customer profiles for more effective, personalized communication
Our previous tool relied on rule-based automations that were simply misfiring or not activating at all. These misfires weren’t saving us time — they just created more delays. Plus, the absence of AI meant we couldn’t scale, innovate, or increase our automation level."
Breanna Moreno, VP of Customer Experience

The solution

True Classic switched to Zowie’s all-in-one AI customer support platform and saw the difference on day one. 

The Zowie Chatbot immediately handled the workload of 8 agents, with the ability to take on an even bigger role as more customers use it. Meanwhile, innovative features such as auto-ticket assignment, buyer intent recognition, and in-depth customer profiles further streamlined agent efficiency and turned customer support into a powerful revenue generator.

Today, True Classic enjoys:

  1. An all-in-one support platform that effectively handles a high-volume of incoming tickets
  2. Self-learning capabilities for ongoing improvements to recognition and resolution rates 
  3. In-depth insights for enhanced visibility into customer issues
  4. Increased sales, elevating support agents into revenue drivers

Zowie’s AI analyzes site traffic, and proactively contacts those most likely to buy. If the Chatbot can’t answer the question, it collects key information and swiftly connects them to an agent. 

Armed with customer and product data, agents have the tools to easily resolve complex issues, and capitalize on upsell opportunities.

Plus, with Zowie’s in depth dashboards Breanna can easily track her team’s performance and financial impact.

Zowie surfaces actionable feedback and insights, identifying problem areas and illustrating the magnitude of each issue. Impressively, we haven’t felt the need to add more agents to our team despite a growth in volume."
Breanna Moreno, VP of Customer Experience

The result: unrivaled efficiency, measurable results, and improved satisfaction  

Zowie has meaningfully contributed to True Classic’s growth. In under a year, Breanna reduced support costs by 38%, and her team generated $3M in sales.

All while customer satisfaction rose. 

With the Zowie Chatbot, shoppers got instant, accurate answers to their questions – improving trust and overall satisfaction. But it didn’t end there. 

Zowie’s AI cut resolution times and made agents more effective. Zowie auto-assigned tickets to the right agent for each job and equipped them with valuable data to better address customer needs and clear tickets faster. 

Since deploying Zowie, True Classic has achieved a CSAT score of 98% — a 16% improvement.

With Zowie, True Classic has achieved:

  • $3M in support-driven revenue (in just 10 months)
  • 38% drop in support costs 
  • 98% CSAT score
  • 30% increase in customer lifetime value (CLV)

This successful partnership has prompted Breanna’s team to make Zowie the cornerstone of their support transformation. 

Moving forward, True Classic will continue to roll out additional AI upgrades, including Zowie’s new generative AI features, to deliver more effective, personalized conversations.

What’s really helpful is how Zowie acts as our one-stop shop. Its integrations give our agents all the actionable info they need without having to switch apps, sending our productivity through the roof. By letting us focus on conversations that truly matter, the AI has reduced costs and increased efficiency across our business."
Breanna Moreno, VP of Customer Experience

Zowie: the AI partner you can trust

Zowie helped True Classic handle surging ticket traffic — even during their most demanding shopping seasons — with ease. And as True Classic continues to grow, Zowie will offer an even greater impact across the entire business.

From simplifying agents’ work to delighting customers and unlocking revenue — Zowie’s there to ensure True Classic upholds its position as an ecommerce leader and pioneer in customer support.   

Zowie lives and breathes customer service, and we couldn’t be more confident in our choice of automation partner. Not only do they build customized solutions for our brand, but they proactively come to us with new ideas to benefit our business."
Breanna Moreno, VP of Customer Experience

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