Zowie Supports MODIVO’s Transition From Phone to Scalable, Cost-Effective Chat Support

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Zowie Supports MODIVO’s Transition From Phone to Scalable, Cost-Effective Chat Support

“Today, chatbots are a must-have for all ecommerce brands. Zowie brings us closer to our vision of shoppers never needing to contact support. We provide fast, personalized self-service that gives customers instant answers to their most urgent questions.”
Monika Dębska
Customer Service Manager

Meet Monika and Aleksandra

Monika Dębska is the Customer Service Manager at MODIVO. Driven by a customer-first approach, she’s passionate about delivering exceptional customer care that delights shoppers and builds brand loyalty.

Aleksandra Smyk is MODIVO’s dedicated Automation Expert. Working hand-in-hand with Monika, she’s mindful of selecting tools that optimize agent performance and provide company-wide benefits.

The challenge

As MODIVO ascended to a leadership position in online sales, Monika realized bringing customers outstanding service was becoming more and more challenging. Past encounters with chatbots, though, had left her skeptical of most tools. In her eyes, even conversational AI chatbots never performed as they should.

As Monika searched for an automation solution that actually worked, they encountered the following challenges:

  1. A rise in customers seeking chat support placed added pressure on agents, especially as basic click-based chatbots peaked at a 30% resolution rate
  2. Legacy chatbots couldn’t integrate with MODIVO’s customer service infrastructure and prevented Monika’s team from training the tools on their own
  3. Most solutions only functioned in a single language, failing to meet MODIVO’s expectations of serving its international customer base
“We tried other solutions, but they had limited automation potential. Many tools couldn’t sync with our diverse markets or brands, meaning they couldn’t provide the omnichannel service we wanted. After testing Zowie, we knew we’d found the one. It’s rare to have a partner like Zowie that just gets it done.”
— Aleksandra Smyk, Automation Expert

The solution

MODIVO’s experiences made Monika and Aleksandra skeptical of most automation tools, especially when used in a chatbot. However, those doubts went out the door once they saw Zowie at work.

Only Zowie came prebuilt with hundreds of automations specifically designed for ecommerce brands. Integrating Zowie with MODIVO’s existing tech stack was effortless, and almost instantly they were able to automate their customers’ most commonly asked questions. What’s more, with a chatbot that could now effectively recognize and resolve issues, MODIVO was able to begin the transition towards a chat-centric support model—redeploying its agents to its most difficult tickets. Thus, creating a customer support solution built for the 21st century and ready to match their impressive growth.

Zowie’s all-in-one solution gave MODIVO peace of mind, delivering:

  • Scalable automation that brought instant, personalized responses to more customers than ever before
  • Hassle-free implementation and operation, streamlining the service experience for both customers and agents 
  • The ability to control automations and equip agents with more customer data, ensuring shoppers would enjoy personalized care
“Zowie minimizes customer stress and inconvenience, bringing us deeper customer relationships and more satisfied customers. Our customer service now helps us spot and resolve issues across our entire business, something we didn’t think was possible. Zowie is our problem-solving partner.”
— Monika Dębska, Customer Service Manager

The result: Automation that adds value across the board

Once Zowie was fully onboarded, Monika and Aleksandra knew they had finally found a solution that not only fit their team’s current needs but would also serve as a foundation for future development. 

MODIVO has seen the following results with Zowie:

  • Recognition rate: 97%
  • Chat resolution rate: 46% (55% in several markets)
  • Drop in average resolution time: 47%

Today Zowie’s AI recognizes an incredible 97% of all incoming chats. Why is this important? It gives MODIVO the flexibility to only automate what they want to and prioritize exactly what to automate next.

Equally impressive, Zowie resolves 46% of all chat tickets (surpassing 50% in multiple markets). That means Zowie resolves nearly half of all MODIVO’s chat tickets without any human involvement. Once thought impossible, Monika and Aleksandra now have confidence that a chatbot can effectively serve as their main channel of customer communication at scale and aspire to reach a resolution rate of 60% by the end of next year.

What’s more, Zowie currently services customers in 17 of MODIVO’s 19 international markets, including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Shoppers can already receive automated responses in 13 different languages—and counting!

“Zowie’s recognition rate of 97% is phenomenal, but we’re seeing plenty of other benefits too. By analyzing Zowie’s conversations, we quickly catch our customers’ most urgent problems, even those related to our products or website. Zowie is a superb tool for measuring UX.”
— Aleksandra Smyk, Automation Expert

Service fit for a leader

For ecommerce leaders like MODIVO, the business landscape is ever-changing. MODIVO constantly needs to juggle dynamic growth, diverse products, and changing customer demands.    

Automated customer service with Zowie allows them to bring simplicity to their customers, agents, and organization.

Unlike other solutions, Zowie automates the most common questions ecommerce brands see while supplying agents with the tools they need to offer proactive support.

“I gravitate towards the simplest solutions, and so do customers. Things couldn’t be easier with Zowie. We set up and train the chatbot all by ourselves with full control over what gets automated. Anyone who’s worked with different software knows exactly how hard this is to come by.”
— Monika Dębska, Customer Service Manager

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