How to Achieve 30% Chat Automation in 10 Minutes or Less

Turn support into sales with Zowie.
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Zowie helps ecommerce brands delight their customers and turn support into sales

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automates 70% of repetitive questions within 4 weeks
brings brands a 12% increase in CSAT scores
enables companies to grow sales by 10%

Meet the Speakers

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Maciek Ciołek
CPTO & Co–Founder at Zowie
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Chris Kuehn
Head of Marketing

About Zowie

Zowie delivers AI-powered automation to customer service processes, cutting wait times, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting efficiency. It’s a self-learning support tool that gets even better with time as it absorbs more data and refines responses to common customer inquiries. With a quick time to value, easy implementation and seamless integration, Zowie will transform the way your customer service works.

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