Our Story

Zowie’s story started not so long ago when the founders—Maja Schaefer and Matt Ciolek— canvassed the first client at the beginning of 2019. To cut long story short: they sold the idea for our platform on presentation slides. It became a milestone in the company’s timeline, back then known as Chatbotize. The idea of an all-in-one, modular tool designed for building responsive, fast, and highly customizable chatbots was brought to life. What is more is that despite all the functionalities, it does not require coding experience. 

Sounds like a dream-like story? But it’s real. And it’s just the beginning of the road.

We always like to jump into the deep end. We love challenges and the more difficult something is, the more motivation we have to deliver it. And we are successful. We surprise the market, we surprise our competitors, but most importantly, we surprise our clients in a highly positive manner—and that’s how we acquire new ones.

“I really like your platform, it’s Apple among chatbot builders! It’s so clean and for non-geek people.”

…said one of our customers and we couldn’t agree more!

After leading the automation market into new directions and drawing conclusions from its exhaustive analysis, we decided to focus on customer service teams that answer tens of thousands of repetitive questions daily. We came to the conclusion that we want to change their reality for the better and allow them to do what’s meaningful, thus increasing their job happiness and efficiency. 

And so Zowie was born—a solution that emphasizes the need for synergy between the customer service team and AI. Book a demo and look at increasing happiness of the agents, customers, and analytic data you need.