5 Tips How to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

There are many ways to check what customers think about your company. You can find a range of articles on indicators which present customer attitudes towards your services or products. One of the easiest and  most popular indicators is NPS. But what should you do when it occurs that the majority of your customers would be classified as detractors or passives? We’ve prepared some advice on how to deal with such cases and how to improve your NPS score.

1. Turn the client’s opinions into action.

We’ve asked Alicja Heyduk (Head of Customer Success at Infermedica), what her thoughts are on improving NPS:

Listen to your customers, read through their comments, analyze their needs. Reply to every NPS survey response – even if it’s an automatic follow-up. Ask what they like about your product or service, and most importantly, what can you improve going forward. In the case of detractors – find the root cause of their lack of satisfaction, give them a call, make them feel heard and understood, show them that they can have a real impact. Listening to your customers and analyzing their needs, is just the first step of making the NPS feedback actionable. The second part is to actually take some action on it. Communicate the NPS results with all levels of your organization, be the voice of your customers. Submit their feedback like feature requests, raise their needs during roadmap review meetings, make sure everyone from your company can access customers’ comments. Of course, not every request will be implemented, some of those needs won’t be possible to meet – but don’t be afraid to be transparent with your customers. Treat them as partners and remember to share the updates with them.

2. Organise regular meetings with your team and talk about conducted surveys

Improving customer satisfaction requires cooperation between various employees and teams. After receiving customers’ feedback from NPS surveys, try to organize meetings with people who are responsible for delivering customer experience in your company, and present the results. A detailed analysis of each granted answer could have a huge impact on your future business growth and deliver huge amounts of information which will show you why your customer service isn’t working as it should. Let customers show you where the main problem is located.

3. Communicate Net Promoter Score results at all levels in company

Net Promoter Score improvement is important for the whole company. Even if the percentage of detractors is higher than the percentage of promoters – don’t be afraid to communicate it to managers from other teams (or even to the CEO). Look at point 2 above, and organize a meeting where you will analyze the survey questions. Remember: two heads are better than one. Also Remember to check your customer journey and make sure that there isn’t a phase which delivers  detractors.

4. Don’t let positive feedback to stay unnoticed

We know that receiving only positive feedback is great, and makes you feel unstoppable, but that could be disastrous in the long run  for your business. A lot of customers can give you 10/10 during NPS surveys but remember that they can mark your business on the overall aspect. Here may be small things which make them angry, but they ignore it during the survey. Ask them why they gave 10 points. Digging deeper into their root problems and needs will deliver you valuable insights, which in turn avoids the growth of the detractors’ group.

5. Try to identify main pain points

Even if everything works nice and smooth, people tend to mark you low, when they meet with an obstacle or bad service. To avoid that, analyze a customer’s journey map and find potential touchpoints where your organization is underperforming. Today, a lot of processes are fully automated, and maybe there you will find the customer’s pain point. Go through customer support procedures, and check if the support scheme is tailored to your customers needs.

Delivering the best customer experience has a direct impact on the growth of promoters among our customers. At the same time, it requires constant monitoring of the NPS Score. Some companies conduct NPS surveys every month, others once a year – everything depends on you. To improve your Net Promoter Score, you have to convert passives and detractors into promoters. At the same time, you have to keep your existing promoters  happy. Nobody says it’s easy but trust us – it’s worth it!