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7 Ways Using Messenger API for Instagram Will Turbocharge Your Business

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June 2, 2021
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The Zowie Team

What Messenger API for Instagram is all about

Chatbot automation capabilities have already revolutionized customer communication on Messenger and Whatsapp. Now the same opportunities for deeper customer engagement are coming to Instagram! 

With the new Messenger API for Instagram, you can automate your responses to direct messages there while following comments and mentions related to your brand as well, all in one place. 

As an official Facebook partner, Zowie is one of the firsts to offer chatbot automation with Instagram and make this game-changing upgrade available to businesses active on this important platform. As an online touchpoint with more than a billion active users and optimal demographics for ecommerce, a strong presence on Instagram is a must. Now you can streamline your communication there with instant replies to messages and more. 

How much more? Here are 7 immediate benefits from using automated Instagram chatbots.

Quick responses to repetitive questions

Every question, comment and message from customers is unique and important but some tend to be repeated quite often. For repetitive messages (“What are your opening hours?”, “What is my order status?”, “What is your return policy?”, etc.) automation with Zowie delivers literally instant replies with the information the customer wants. 

You can even customize the responses you provide based on the questions you get most often. Our AI-powered solution is ready to automate 30% of customer inquiries on day one and that number will rise as our self-learning algorithms collect more customer data and chat histories. How much will it rise? You’ll see 60% automation within a few weeks and it can go even higher depending on the variables involved in your ecommerce. 
Just imagine—sixty percent of your customer inquiries handled accurately, professionally and to the perfect satisfaction of your customers without ever reaching the desks of your customer service team. What does this mean for them? Well...

Better sales support for your customers

With all of those simple, repetitive and time-consuming inquiries taken care of by automation, your customer support team is free to focus on what they do best—providing personalized attention to those customers who need it. 

We all know that there will always be issues that require more time and attention and to sort out. These things are inevitable in the world of ecommerce. There are always complicated matters that can’t be resolved through automation and need the help of your staff.

However, without so many simple, repetitive questions filling the queue of incoming calls, customer service agents are under less stress and have more time to devote to resolving more complex issues. 

This means happier customers who have to wait for much less time than they would without automation and a customer service team that feels free to fully investigate and fix problems without worrying about a higher call volume full of simple questions. 

A better customer experience and a better employee experience—everybody wins with Instagram chatbot automation!

A unified, integrated interface for customer service

With chatbot automation powered by Zowie, you get a single inbox with all direct messages, comments and mentions of your brand on Instagram. This makes it easier to track activity there, respond to Instagram users and access customer interaction histories. 

Also, you can integrate Instagram chat histories with those from Messenger and Whatsapp for a more complete customer view. All interactions across these channels are easily accessed from one interface, so you can avoid multiple windows, tools and a fragmented customer relationship history. 

All customer touchpoints on three of the world’s largest platforms, all easily accessible through Instagram chatbot automation with Zowie!

Engage with customers when they’re ready to buy

Automated responses enable you to instantly react when a customer reaches out to you. This puts you a step ahead when it comes to taking advantage of the greatest moment of interest or curiosity in your brand. 

When would you rather respond to someone asking about your offer—almost instantaneously at the moment when they’re thinking about you and viewing your site or some time later, when they’re disengaged from you and thinking about something else and perhaps not even available? 

The answer is obvious and automated responses on Instagram let you do exactly that. Your window of opportunity is already limited enough so it’s important to act as quickly as possible. Automated responses let you continue the conversations that customers start, keeping them engaged, on your site and thinking about you. 

Accelerate progress through the sales funnel with automated responses to Instagram chat!

More sales conversions through promotions & discounts on demand

Here’s another way Instagram chatbot automation with Zowie can help you to take instant advantage of customer engagement. What better time to reach out with a special limited offer that at the moment when the customer is ready to buy? 
With the power to react immediately to customer inquiries, you can reply with, for example, special promotions or discounts designed to close the sale now:

Don’t let time pass and lose a golden sales opportunity. Use codes generated by your CRM platform to make customized responses in your automated Instagram chat and watch your conversions rise!

React to any crisis immediately

In the age of insta-everything, things can quickly go viral and become a trending topic—sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Automation is a valuable asset in crisis management because it alerts you to potential issues and lets you react in near real time to address problems before they become something much bigger.

Using Instagram chatbot automation can act like an early warning system for issues that you might not otherwise be aware of and give you a chance to solve them quickly. Would you rather find out about a problem in your operations from the first person to mention it or the one hundredth? 

Better overall customer engagement is the primary use of chat automation, but being able to keep your finger on the pulse of your reputation on Instagram through monitoring your comments and mentions is a great additional benefit.

You can scale your ecommerce more quickly, win customers and drive conversions

Instagram chatbot automation is more than a shortcut to faster reactions to customer inquiries. It’s a general tool for supporting every aspect of developing your sales presence on Instagram, from lead generation to nurturing those leads to a better overall customer experience. 

Chatbot automation on Instagram is a differentiator that delivers results that customers will notice. Wait times are cut to an absolute minimum, both for those who get automated responses and others who get personal attention via your customer service. Customers are never left waiting for too long and certainly never left without a reply. 

Using automation from Zowie, you can significantly streamline the entire sales process on Instagram and further develop it as an essential and growing part of your overall sales strategy. It delivers convenience and greater satisfaction on the customer side while providing you with greater efficiencies and more flexibility in the way you handle a number of customer-facing issues.

Ready to add all this and more to your Instagram presence? Want to know more about what chatbot automation can do to boost your customer engagement? Just click here and set up a demo with Zowie and get all your questions answered while discovering a new world of opportunities!