Master Conversational SMS Using Zowie's Integration With Klaviyo

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May 7, 2024
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The Zowie Team

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our integration with Klaviyo that enables brands to provide conversational SMS and deliver the immediate, personalized interactions that customers demand.

The shift toward mobile

The rise of consumers shopping on mobile devices has completely changed the ecommerce landscape.

More than 75% of all retail site visits and 66% of online purchases are now made on smartphones. When it comes to overall website traffic, over 300% more visits happen on mobile than on desktop. 

This shift in consumer behavior has prompted brands to rethink how they interact with both first-time shoppers and loyal customers, from making mobile-friendly ecommerce storefronts to prioritizing mobile-optimized channels.

In this dynamic environment, SMS (or text) has emerged as a standout channel. It offers personalized, engaging, mobile-first conversations, and brands that have successfully leveraged it are seeing remarkable results. 

SMS is a key channel online businesses have at their disposal that’s truly built for mobile. The unmatched speed and convenience it provides make it an effective tool for creating and communicating with loyal customers. The numbers highlight just how powerful SMS can be — promotional texts have an average click-through rate of 36%, 8x higher than email.

However, one major problem remains. While SMS has unlocked new opportunities for brands to provide mobile-first experiences for their customers, brands still rely on the same tactics that they use in more established, desktop-centric channels: one-way marketing engagement with their customers, or at best, back-and-forth experiences that rely on scripted workflows.

While these help drive incremental revenue, they fall short of what customers expect SMS to be — a fully conversational, personalized, two-way channel. When shoppers reply to a brand’s message, they also expect a response. After all, that’s how SMS should work, right?

These gaps lead to untold missed opportunities, as unsubscribe rates over SMS are routinely 3x higher than rates for email. Yet, companies that provide conversational experiences to shoppers via text see substantial gains in customer lifetime value (CLV) and average order value (AOV).     

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Klaviyo. Together, we’ll help ecommerce brands unlock the power of conversational SMS and give customers the responses they’re looking for.

Zowie and Klaviyo: unlocking the power of conversation

By leveraging the Zowie and Klaviyo integration, all inbound and outbound customer service requests in Klaviyo can now be managed within the Zowie platform. Both Zowie Chatbot and Zowie Salesbot can handle customer requests sent over SMS, and support agents are able to manage any escalated tickets directly within Zowie Inbox.

Key functionalities

Zowie’s integration with Klaviyo lets ecommerce companies tap into several powerful capabilities: 


Brands finally have the ability to deliver elevated omnichannel customer interactions. Whether over SMS or email, support teams can now send and receive messages across all communication channels through the Zowie platform. Agents can even view past customer SMS and email messages to receive the full context of each conversation using the Klaviyo integration.

List Growth

Teams can bolster their marketing efforts by automatically recommending subscriptions to customers who have a positive experience with either Zowie Chatbot or human agents using Zowie Inbox. Zowie’s automation suite can capture and update existing marketing subscriptions, empowering companies to build out their SMS and email lists while providing first-rate support.


Ecommerce businesses are now able to seamlessly combine their marketing and support efforts within one ecosystem. Klaviyo’s customer data (such as past purchases or product page visits) is automatically integrated into Zowie, allowing support reps to view all of their active promotions and share relevant offers with customers engaging with Zowie-managed channels.

Subscriber Data

Powered by Klaviyo’s database and predictive analytics, the Zowie platform can seamlessly display and leverage historical data and predict future shopper behavior to deliver a personalized customer experience at an enterprise scale.

Make SMS your winning strategy

Your customers are waiting for you on mobile — don’t ghost them.

SMS has the power to transform your customer service by growing revenue, boosting subscriptions, and crafting fully personalized messaging. Together, Zowie and Klaviyo can show you how.

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