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Bring Customers the Right Solutions with Profiles

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January 27, 2022
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Jon Sidor

Up to now, ecommerce companies have struggled to direct specific chat queries to the most qualified customer support agents. Building personalized experiences in digital customer service hasn’t been easy. Even giving priority treatment to VIP users can pose a challenge. 

That’s why we’ve launched a powerful new tool–Profiles–that redirects questions to your most specialized agents, delivers a tailored experience to each customer, and much more.

Profiles presents Zowie users with a set of operations that power intelligent routing and experience personalization.


What Profiles Offers

Redirect questions to the right agents: Customer service agents are grouped into a certain profile based on their specialization (or whatever criteria you’d like). Then, an entire profile, not just an individual agent, can be assigned to handle specific queues.1


Anne is visiting your website for the first time. She starts asking detailed questions about a certain product in your chat widget. 

“Is this made from ethically-sourced materials?”
“Where was this produced?”
“Why is this better than similar products from competitors?”

Zowie recognizes that these queries concern your product, and the chat is instantly handed over to an agent who specializes in the product. Anne swiftly receives the precise information she’s looking for. 

All of this is possible because your agents who are best equipped to handle questions about the product were already grouped together in Profiles. 

Instantly apply changes to whole teams: Whenever you set or modify a given profile’s assigned queues or assignment strategy, you only need to enter the changes once.

Route customers to agents they already know: Whenever repeat customers come back to your website, they’ll be instantly connected with the specialized agents who helped them last time, so their entire experience will be enhanced. When your repeat customers keep coming back, that’s when your business can really take off.

Tom is a returning customer who has interacted with your customer service agents on many occasions. He enters your chat widget and begins inquiring about shipping information.

“Why did my last shipment take so long?”
“Why do other websites ship faster than you do?”

“If I made two purchases on the same day, can the items ship together for a lower cost?”

Zowie sees that these are complex shipping issues, so it automatically connects Tom to an agent with expert knowledge of your company’s shipping policies. Zowie brings up Tom’s chat history, so Tom is also able to chat with the same agent who assisted him last time, when he happened to share similar complaints.

This gives Tom speedy, accurate information that he trusts.

Prioritize customer inquiries: In Profiles, you can set up the priority for each queue within a profile. Choose from Strict queues that take full precedence over others, as well as High Priority and Low Priority queues. Changes to queue priority or assignment strategy automatically apply to all agents in a given profile.   

Assign agents however you’d like: Assign agents based on their strengths or your needs. You have the ability to pinpoint which agents are best suited to handle each queue.

Maria visits your American website, but she only speaks Spanish. She inserts a few complicated questions about her payment into your chat widget. 

“My credit card was charged two times for the same order. I need help getting my money back.”
“Why is the price higher this time? I paid less last time.”
“My friend told me I get a discount if I order three products, but I can’t find this information on your website. I think I shouldn’t have to pay the full price. Can you help me?”

Zowie immediately picks up on the fact that Maria will need payment assistance from someone who speaks Spanish. Zowie pairs her with a Spanish agent who has full access to your company’s payment information thanks for a profile in which that exact group of agents has already been grouped.

Once again—Maria speedily gets the help she needs in a customized experience.

Profiles streamlines chat management

Hand chats over to the correct agents as swiftly as possible. With Profiles, your customers and agents enjoy more meaningful and efficient interactions.

1 A queue is your customer service team’s inbox of customer messages (via chat, email, or telephone). Messages often get divided into different queues based on criteria like subject, language, or priority.