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Transform Your Customer Service with Live Chat

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December 14, 2022
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Jon Sidor

Regardless of where and when shoppers contact an ecommerce brand, they’re expecting an instant response. Even with the best human agents, traditional phone or email support will only take you so far. 

Live chat is the only channel that can reliably provide instant, scalable support. But its transformative power doesn’t stop there. Live chat can streamline your customer service workflows and enable your support team to drive sales.

We created Zowie’s Guide to Live Chat for Ecommerce to assist brands in navigating the extensive live chat landscape. Our ebook is a comprehensive guide that will not only show you what’s capable with live chat but also offer the roadmap to get you there.

Why live chat is critical for ecommerce businesses

When it comes to leveling up your ecommerce customer service, few solutions can be as game-changing as live chat. The best part is—live chat’s results are backed by data, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are just three of the many reasons why live chat is vital for companies in ecommerce.  

1. It unlocks your automation potential

Anyone who’s worked in customer support knows the bulk of questions that come your way are repetitive—Where’s my order? How much is shipping? What is your return policy? They require a routine check of basic info and don’t let agents put their expertise and talents to good use.

Questions like these should be automated. But automating chats with a chatbot is far easier (and more effective) than automating phone calls. On average, 60% of all chat questions can be automated. Automation does the heavy lifting, handling your most frequently asked questions so your agents have time to focus on more meaningful interactions—leading to happier customers.

PRO TIP: With the right automation tool, you can reach 70% chat automation in 4 weeks and save up to 2 hours per agent daily.

2. It cuts response times and boosts CSAT

Customers want instant gratification, and live chat is the only channel that meets this demand.

It often takes support teams a day to get to a customer’s email. For phone, agents still need a couple of minutes. For live chat, however, teams can respond in under 10 seconds

Combining live chat with intuitive automation is the final piece of the puzzle.  With it, you can ensure your customers continue receiving rapid, accurate responses time and time again. Not to mention, it’s the only way to truly provide 24/7 multilingual support that can match your business growth. 

With next-level automation supercharging your live chat, shoppers will be delighted with the consistently superior customer experiences they’re getting.

PRO TIP: Businesses see their CSAT scores rise by up to 12% after implementing AI-powered chat.

3. It gives opportunities to generate revenue

Nearly 33% of all sales start on live chat, and it’s no surprise why. A host of features can be added to your live chat tool to help support agents play a larger role in the sales process. 

For instance, buying intent detection lets reps send tailored product recommendations to individual customers, personalizing the shopping experience and maximizing your chances of closing a sale.  

Chatbots do a phenomenal job proactively connecting with shoppers at critical moments in the customer journey, opening the door to scores of previously untapped opportunities. Experts predict annual retail spending via chatbots to top $140B by 2024.

PRO TIP: Businesses that bolster their customer support with a chatbot are already seeing sales increase by up to 67%.

Take the next step in transformative customer support

Today’s top ecommerce companies are already leveraging the full potential of live chat. They know it’s not an optional channel, but an essential one

And with the right partner, live chat can revolutionize your customer service. You’ll have a solution that’s easy to configure and capable of positively impacting your customers, agents, and business on day one. Don’t limit your business growth. Instead, leverage live chat to offer a customer support solution that can scale with you. 

To learn more about all the benefits live chat has to offer ecommerce companies, along with how to pick the right chat provider and how to implement your solution, download Zowie’s Guide to Live Chat for Ecommerce today.