Zowie is the New Chatbotize

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July 27, 2020
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Maja Schaefer

Dear Customers & Friends,

When roughly three years ago me and Matt founded Chatbotize, the trend of moving communication to chat channels was in its infancy, even though the consumers were using them the most. Messenger has just implemented support for chatbots, and we became pioneers of such approach on the Polish market. We have also acquired our first client then and we are more than happy that they still continue to automate communication with us—no longer only on Messenger but also WhatsApp, website chat and Google Assistant. 

In two years of intense development Chatbotize became something more than just a platform for building chatbots. As of today, it’s already an automation-first support system. As the founders, we’ve decided that we want to fully focus on what we believe in and define the DNA behind our team of (already!) 15 people. All of this allowed us to set the direction that we want to follow and answer the question of how do we want to grow as an organization. We want to let teams across the globe focus on meaningful work and automate the rest—with repetitive questions first. 

This is why half a year ago we’ve made a decision about complete visual rebranding, as well as changing the name. We want to show the world who we are, what are our values and what do we identify with as an organization. It also allows us to show you what our system is and who we are as a team in the best possible way. How do ours clients and friends—like you—see us. After a few months of work I can proudly say that we have achieved the result of our dreams.

Today is the day. I’m excited to introduce you Zowie (ˈzou-ē,  used to express astonishment or admiration).

  • Innovation. Zowie brings new, better quality to customer service.
  • Minimalism. This is what Zowie is. Intuitive, clear, professional. Allows to focus on what’s important: support your customers and automate fast.
  • Dot dash dot dot. It’s means AI in the Morse code. Zowie is an automation-first support system, so we want the AI to be accessible and easy to use.
  • We went with orange as it’s the color of energy and freshness. Zowie brings customer support teams to the next level by giving them a fresh approach and new energy.

What’s important is that Zowie as a system looks exactly the same as it used to, so you won’t notice any difference. What you will notice, though, is our new communication focused on providing value for customer service teams and creating a community around people connected to customer support. I encourage you to follow our blog and profiles in the social media—we will be posting helpful content, interviews and guides there. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

Thank you for your support and all the amazing feedback we receive on a daily basis from you, our Customers and Friends. I’m grateful that you are with us on this amazing journey to let people focus on what’s meaningful. I hope you will love our new image, just like we do. If you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 

Maja Schaefer
CEO of Zowie (formerly Chatbotize)