A Practical Guide

How to Select the Right Customer Service Automation Tool for Your Business

It’s true—most chatbots don’t work. They cause friction and frustration and can ruin the great customer experience you’re trying to build. But not having a customer service automation solution is even worse. Bottlenecks and long wait times will ruin the customer experience too. Is there a way out? 

And that’s what this ebook is all about—helping you to learn what to look for in a solution to your needs. Fill out the form and get it now!

You’ll find out:

  1. What makes a chatbot and customer service automation solution actually work
  2. What to look for so you know that you’re getting the best automation solution
  3. How to make sure your new tool will enhance your customer experience
  4. How to make sure you’re getting the most value from your investment

Plus, you’ll get access to our free checklists and shopping aids:

  • The Customer Service Automation Shopping Checklist
  • Questions to Ask Your Future Automation Provider – Full List

To download “How to Select the Right Customer Service Automation Tool for Your Business”, just fill the form.

About Zowie

Zowie delivers AI-powered automation to customer service processes, cutting wait times, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting efficiency. It’s a self-learning support tool that gets even better with time as it absorbs more data and refines responses to common customer inquiries. With a quick time to value, easy implementation and seamless integration, Zowie will transform the way your customer service works.