An Introduction to AI in Customer Service

Everything you need to know about customer service AI, and how to make the most of this technology

A new frontier for customer support

AI is rapidly changing the landscape of customer service. Nowadays, online shoppers expect fast and accurate responses to their questions; and only AI can deliver a scalable, 24/7 solution.

In this ebook, An Introduction to AI in Customer Service, we'll offer a crash course on this revolutionary technology, along with the tools and know-how to implement a successful AI solution.

What this ebook covers:

Essential AI terms and phrases to know in customer service
What ChatGPT (and other generative AI tools) mean for the future of customer service
Where AI should (and shouldn't) fit Into the customer experience today
How to evaluate AI customer service software  
Best practices on how to effectively add AI to your CS team

AI can be a game-changer for customer service: allowing businesses to enhance the customer experience, improve agent efficiency, and unlock customer support's revenue-generating potential.

Discover what's possible with AI, and gain the confidence to evaluate, select, and successfully implement AI into your CS team.

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