No more "we’ll get back to you in 48 hours..."

Resolve up to
30% of all email tickets
with AI. Today.
Start automating your customer service emails by letting customers find real-time solutions through a chatbot or wait for an agent to assist them.
The world’s
best intent recognition
Zowie understands over 98% of customer questions, so you'll always deliver the most relevant answers.
Deep ecommerce integrations
Zowie works with any tech stack — from well-known solutions to homegrown alternatives — to boost your resolution rates.
Total self-learning capabilities
Zowie analyzes customer conversations, offering suggestions for optimizing existing scenarios and addressing content gaps.
Unmatched personalization
Zowie understands the  unique needs of each visitor and  delivers
a custom-made experience.
“With Zowie’s Emailbot, we quickly saw 30% of our order-related email tickets fully automated. Our resolution times are down, customers are happier, and our agents are able to focus on more urgent, complex tasks.”
“With Zowie’s Emailbot, we
quickly saw 30%
of our order-related
email tickets fully automated”
— Wendi Mills, Senior Manager of Customer Service at MSQC

Onboarding in no time

Zowie Emailbot doesn’t need training. Take advantage of our predefined, pre-trained scenarios and launch your Emailbot in minutes.

Total tech stack flexibility

You can use the full Zowie suite or go with your existing customer service platform. We believe everyone deserves Zowie Emailbot.

Your customers — fully understood

Zowie has natural conversations with your shoppers
because it knows them.

Deliver a personalized experience by leveraging customer attributes such as location, behavior, and purchase history.
Zowie X1
AI is in our DNA
The Zowie X1 engine leverages a blend of the best technology on the market to maximize your AI’s output. Get AI that’s:
  • Specialized for ecommerce
  • Personalized for your brand
  • Effortless to onboard and maintain

Seamless integrations with your tech stack

From ecommerce (Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo, Recharge) to CS platforms and even homegrown systems — you name it, Zowie has you covered.
“At Stix Golf, we strive to deliver the gold standard in customer care for every engagement. Zowie is one of the few tech providers that empowers us to do so”
— Coley Horner, Customer Engagement Manager

Yes, it does everything you need.