Recording: How to Scale a Customer Service Team in a Fast Growing E-commerce Company

Talk with Kris Kępiński from Tylko

If you’re an eCommerce Manager or if you’re responsible for customer service in an eCommerce, startup, or other fast-growing company, then make sure to watch the recording of our webinar and learn:

  1. Is it possible to scale a small customer service team in a reasonable time?
  2. Does outsourcing customer service make sense?
  3. What are the two most important factors when scaling your customer service team? 
  4. How to handle the problem of high rotation in customer service?
  5. How to create synergy between the people in your team?

Learn all of this from an expert! Kris, who is an experienced Customer Experience Manager, answers these and other questions during our talk as a part of the #WebinarThursday session.

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Meet Our Guest

Kris Kepinski is an acknowledged Customer Experience Manager at Tylko, which is a Polish eCommerce start-up shipping its products to entire Europe.

With years of sales and customer service experience in several companies like Allegro or WebInterpret, he knows how to build long-lasting relationships with customers and how to make them the returning ones.

Tylko is a whole new approach to furniture design, made possible with an innovative app. Founded on the simple truth that every space is different, the Tylko app enables the possibility to customize designer furniture to suit specific needs and personalities.

This unique business model is based on fully automated production
and a no-middleman delivery process.

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