“In a matter of just two weeks, we were able to automate roughly 40% of customers' questions!”

Ernest Dolega-Wolkowycki

Head Of Digital Product Design & Development

2 weeks

to reach 40% automated inquiries


automated inquries after 3 months

14 000

automated engagements monthly





33 000



Aviva is a British multinational insurance company serving about 33 million customers across 16 countries

Aviva’s main goal in the last several years was to build and develop MyAviva digital self-service platform for their customers. Following Aviva's right-channel approach MyAviva centralizes Clients' digital experience and serves as the main contact channel.

While digitizing business processes, they realized the need for a human touch in this ecosystem. Clients need to have a possibility to ask a question, chat with a consultant on the channel they are currently using. On the other hand, they realized that their service agents team might be slightly overloaded if they had to chat with tens of thousands of clients using MyAviva each month.

“The results were surprising! Today, we use Zowie not only on a website chat, but also on Messenger, and our team handles requests from both channels in one, omnichannel Zowie Inbox.”

Sebastian Czerski

Digital Innovation Specialist


Happier customers (and agents!)

After Aviva started using Zowie they observed a decreasing number of conversations with our customer service team. Currently, 60% of inquiries are automated. Additionally, they finally got the time to focus on what's meaningful—that's the customers who face more serious issues than "how to do print a document or where to file a claim".

Fast and easy implementation

Before Zowie, they weren’t using any chat solution. Initially, they've launched the chatbot for a small group of clients, with the ability to hand the conversation to the agent disabled. In a matter of just two weeks, they were able to automate roughly 40% of customers' questions.

Now they automate 60% of all inquiries and that lets their team focus on what's important—serving customers faster and, what is even more important, better. The synergy between AI and customer service teams allowed them to achieve the goal of giving their clients a true human touch in the digital world.

“The entire system is responsive and user-friendly. Zowie automatically suggests what should be automated, creating a sort of a base of inquiries that should be automated. In the end, making our chatbot more "human-like" is just the matter of a few clicks!”

Ernest Dolega-Wolkowycki

Head Of Digital Product Design & Development

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