How Beerwulf Doubled ROI on Their Investment in Zowie's AI-Powered Chatbot

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How Beerwulf Doubled ROI on Their Investment in Zowie's AI-Powered Chatbot

“Zowie has brought us a major step forward in the way we approach automation and customer service. With Zowie, we have achieved superior efficiency.”
Victoria Jansson
Head of Customer Care

Meet Victoria and Julia

Victoria Jansson is the Head of Customer Care at Beerwulf. Victoria runs a department that includes outsourced agents and a team of Regional Specialists who serve as dedicated reps for a specific market. Julia Kuleshova is a Customer Care Systems Specialist and is in charge of overseeing Beerwulf’s entire customer service tech suite.

The challenge

Beerwulf’s ever-expanding customer base stretches across 10 different European markets. Early on, Beerwulf realized staffing a local team for each market was not feasible or realistic. So, they looked for an automation solution that could reduce contacts — offering agents more time to focus on challenging tickets.

Their first attempt came up short.

With Zendesk’s automation solution, the customer support team spent over a year painstakingly installing and updating the chatbot. This included:

  • Manually building out their knowledge base
  • Identifying and inputting multiple variations of different questions
  • Going through customer feedback to identify improvements  

Despite their best efforts, and all the hours they invested, the chatbot struggled to consistently and accurately resolve their most repetitive questions. With these tickets still clogging up the queue, Beerwulf saw a steady drop in CSAT scores.

So, they looked to make a switch. In their search, Beerwulf was determined to find an automation solution that:  

  1. Delivers meaningful resolution rates across their different markets
  2. Requires minimal setup and ongoing maintenance  
  3. Seamlessly integrates into their complex tech stack  
  4. Reacts to customer trends and feedback
“It was obvious we needed a better self-service tool. We needed a way to remove redundant questions while improving customer satisfaction.”
— Victoria Jansson, Head of Customer Care 

The solution

Beerwulf’s switch to Zowie was a game-changer. Unlike their previous solution, Zowie’s generative AI tools allowed them to instantly convert their internal resources into a comprehensive knowledge base with no manual training required.

Now, Victoria and her team enjoy:

  1. Multilingual chatbots that can fully resolve incoming questions
  2. A comprehensive dashboard to track and monitor key support metrics
  3. An automation solution that’s compatible with their entire tech stack — including marketplace software
  4. Automatic context gap analysis and personalized automation recommendations based on customer feedback

Immediately, Beerwulf knew Zowie was different. With Zowie, they had access to the latest generative AI tools — allowing them to automatically deliver instant, personalized responses to customer questions. 

Furthermore, Zowie comes prebuilt to answer the most common ecommerce questions and can be instantly translated into 175 languages. Now, Beerwulf could add new automations or translate the entire chatbot into a different language, all in a single click. 

Zowie also eliminated the time-consuming process of ongoing maintenance. The Zowie Chatbot automatically collects and uses real customer feedback to spot trends,suggest improvements, and even recommend new automations for common questions it currently can’t answer. With this, Julia can quickly review metrics and continuously improve her knowledge base in minutes. 

Not to mention, Julia and her team also regularly meet with their dedicated Zowie customer success rep to plan and execute on innovative strategies for further improvements. 

“Zowie got rid of the manual training, which saves us quite a lot of time. I love the recommendations and how easy it is to update the chatbot.” 
— Julia Kuleshova, Customer Care Systems Specialist

The result: a chatbot that pays for itself (twice over)

Zowie's lightning-fast onboarding, ease of use, and ongoing self-improvement have made a tremendous difference for Beerwulf. Whereas their last chatbot was clunky and ineffective, Zowie has delivered a 2x return on their investment.

With the Zowie Chatbot, they finally have a solution that can deliver meaningful full resolution rates — enabling Beerwulf to hire fewer agents while also freeing up their current team to focus on more high-value tasks. 

Today, Beerwulf’s CSAT score has jumped to 85%, with the chatbot operating in 3 different markets. This success has prompted them to expand their automation capabilities and introduce the chatbot into a new market in 2024. 

By partnering with Zowie, Beerwulf has achieved the following results: 

  • 2x ROI saved on chat resolutions   
  • 74% question recognition rate across all markets 
  • 30% full resolution rate across all markets 

The chatbot even helps Beerwulf’s customer support team generate sales by launching workflows that can recommend products based on purchase history and behavior. Now, Beerwulf’s customer support team is driving meaningful revenue growth. 

“With Zowie, our agents are more efficient at answering tickets. We love all the integrations, and its ability to train itself has been incredible for us.” 
— Julia Kuleshova, Customer Care Systems Specialist

Zowie: Beerwulf’s innovative solution to future-proof their customer service

Thanks to Zowie, Beerwulf added the world’s most helpful chatbot to their customer support team. With their success, Beerwful has regained its trust in AI and is now looking for new opportunities to leverage this technology. 

As their AI capabilities continue to grow, they’ll lean on Zowie’s expertise to help guide them into a new era of customer support. 

Zowie has shown us what’s possible with automation. Seeing this success has gotten us excited to apply automation capabilities to more of what we do.
— Victoria Jansson, Head of Customer Care

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