Burju Shoes Unlocks Proactive Support and Sales Thanks to Resolving 54% of Chats

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"Zowie helps us be more proactive and lets our representatives answer questions that’ll naturally lead to new sales. Agents can quickly get to the heart of difficult questions because they’re not stressed about tickets sitting in a queue."
Doreen Banaszak
Director of Operations

Meet Doreen

Doreen Banaszak is the Director of Operations at Burju Shoes. She’s constantly searching for ways to improve Burju’s efficiency by boosting conversions or elevating the customer experience.

The challenge

“We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to increase conversions and reduce costs. But new tech like AI can come with many bugs that ruin the customer experience. On top of that, bigger companies only set up a chatbot for you and are done.” 
— Doreen Banaszak, Director of Operations

Burju Shoes went through exponential growth in just a few months. As their customer base grew, Doreen began searching for AI tools to optimize the company’s performance. She was hoping for a platform that:

  1. Kept Burju operating efficiently with higher conversion rates on their website
  2. Let agents focus on more critical customer requests rather than repetitive tasks
  3. Gave Burju a customized solution that fit their needs, not a one-size-fits-all alternative

The solution

Doreen saw chat resolution as a proactive way to keep Burju streamlined and bypass any obstacles that could emerge as sales and traffic grew.

She found other chatbots to be unintuitive, complicated, and not cost-effective. In Zowie, though, Doreen found a simple, supportive solution that would work with Burju to:

  • Reduce workload so support representatives could assist customers better
  • Help customers while shopping and at checkout to raise conversions
  • Provide customers with more information to minimize returns and maximize lifetime value
“We wanted to bring on Zowie to increase conversions on our website and reduce the workload on our representatives. Zowie frees them up to do other work on the customers’ behalf.”
— Doreen Banaszak, Director of Operations

The result: Proactive support with a focus on the customer experience

Zowie’s industry-leading chat resolution brought Burju Shoes exactly what they were looking for and exceeded Doreen’s expectations of what a chatbot could achieve.

Just months after adding Zowie, Burju was taking advantage of the following results:

  • Recognition rate: 84%
  • Resolution rate: 54%
  • Order return rate: 30% below industry average
  • Projected revenue growth: 50% 
“Zowie immediately reduced the number of tickets making it to our representatives. It lowered the time they spent answering repetitive questions, which is precisely what we wanted it to do.”
— Doreen Banaszak, Director of Operations

The key to efficiency in ecommerce 

Burju Shoes take pride in their operating efficiency. Their lean team continues to satisfy customers even as the company handles rapid growth.

Zowie has been instrumental in Burju’s ability to maximize customer satisfaction and website conversions while limiting hiring pressures. 

For agile ecommerce brands looking to scale like Burju Shoes, Zowie’s chat automation can simultaneously delight customers and convert support into sales. 

“It was important for us to partner with someone who gave us a strategy, support, and execution. We definitely get that with Zowie.”
— Doreen Banaszak, Director of Operations

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