How AirHelp Replaced 3 Tools With Zowie and Cut Response Times by up to 50%

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How AirHelp Replaced 3 Tools With Zowie and Cut Response Times by up to 50%

“Zowie’s our miracle tool. It’s revolutionized how our agents work, making it easier to assist more customers in less time — even as our ticket volume continues to climb.”
Małgorzata Miąsik
Operations Center Director

Meet Małgorzata

Małgorzata Miąsik is the Operations Center Director at AirHelp, and oversees a team of around 100 people, including roughly 40 support reps. Małgorzata values effective, modern solutions that deliver customers speedy help and unlock her team’s productivity.

The challenge

AirHelp users stretch around the globe, with the company handling diverse claims from customers around the world in 18 languages. 

In an attempt to deliver the 24/7 support their users needed, AirHelp's customer service team had patched together a complex tech stack consisting of three different systems. 

Agents struggled to find information — having to switch back and forth between systems — leading to longer response times and a lengthy ticket backlog. 

Moreover, AirHelp had a limited number of agents to dedicate to each of the 18 languages they served. This would lead to some agents having an extremely long queue while others had no calls at all. Even worse, if the agent for a specific language was suddenly unavailable (perhaps they called in sick), AirHelp would have to shut down that entire channel if they couldn’t find a last-second replacement. 

Knowing this status quo was unsustainable, Małgorzata wanted to find a comprehensive solution that would allow her lean team to efficiently deliver instant, 24/7 global support.

She needed a customer service platform that could:

  1. Create a central hub to effortlessly process, analyze, and assign incoming tickets across all channels — including chat, email, and social media
  2. Offer 24/7 support in 18 languages
  3. Provide a central dashboard to monitor quality assurance and track KPIs
  4. Automate frequently asked questions in multiple languages
“Significant growth in our ticket volume put major strains on our team. We needed multiple tools to do one job, and using them all was unreasonably costly and time-consuming.”
— Małgorzata Miąsik, Operations Center Director 

The solution

AirHelp ditched its ineffective software, replacing three systems with Zowie's all-in-one customer service platform. The difference was staggering. No longer hampered by limited software that complicated her team’s work, Małgorzata now enjoys: 

  1. A single solution that enables efficient, high-quality support across all channels 
  2. Live translations for all incoming and outgoing messaging, allowing every agent to offer multilingual support 
  3. Automatic ticket assignment to ensure each question goes to the most qualified rep 
  4. A chatbot that fully automates frequently asked questions, freeing up agents to concentrate on more high-value cases

With Zowie, AirHelp gained more control over the customer journey — ensuring every customer is sent to the best available person. This precision has significantly reduced wait times as users are now automatically connected with agents with the experience and expertise to provide accurate, high-quality support for their unique cases. 

In addition, AirHelp customers no longer have to wait for a dedicated language rep. Instead, they can get their questions answered 24/7 — either through the bot or via Zowie’s live translation capabilities. 

Furthermore, Małgorzata now has a convenient, detailed dashboard to track key support metrics and make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements. 

“I couldn’t imagine a more intuitive tool than Zowie. From the moment our agents open Zowie, they can see everything — all their tickets, queues, and profiles — right there. It’s wonderful to finally have all our traffic neatly organized in one window.” 
— Małgorzata Miąsik, Operations Center Director

The result: first-class support, unlocked

For Małgorzata, it was clear from the get-go that Zowie would exceed its already high promises, going above and beyond expectations. 

Zowie Inbox automatically assigns incoming tickets to the right agent for the job. Now, reps can immediately get started on complicated tickets that used to hang around in the queue. With this new system, AirHelp has transformed its email support — cutting email response times in half.

The magic continued with the addition of the Zowie Chatbot. At launch, Airhelp hoped to fully automate around 25% of their incoming chats. Zowie nearly doubled that — delivering an automated resolution rate of 48%

Adding everything together, Zowie handles the work of approximately 7 agents, while improving the effectiveness of their current staff. Now, AirHelp can continue to scale their business without dealing with ever-increasing support costs. 

Zowie has empowered AirHelp to offer a superior customer experience with the following results:

  • Drop in email response times: 50%
  • Automated resolution rate: 48%
  • Zowie handles the work of 5-7 agents (and counting)
“Zowie has completely shattered our expectations. We’d have a serious problem handling our current traffic levels with our earlier tools. With Zowie, we’re confident taking on even more tickets will be a breeze.” 
— Małgorzata Miąsik, Operations Center Director

Zowie: AirHelp’s complete customer support package

AirHelp revamped their support by ditching outdated systems and embracing Zowie's all-in-one customer service platform. 

Going with Zowie’s bundled customer service software has simultaneously unleashed AirHelp’s efficiency while giving them meaningful cost savings.     

With Zowie, AirHelp’s outlook is filled with nothing but blue skies.

“As soon as we saw Zowie’s instant impact, we knew we had found something special. From using the platform to cooperating with its knowledgeable team, working with Zowie couldn’t be more satisfying.”
— Małgorzata Miąsik, Operations Center Director

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