Stix Golf Fully Resolves 56% of its Chats with Future-Proof Support from Zowie

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Stix Golf Fully Resolves 56% of its Chats with Future-Proof Support from Zowie

“At Stix Golf, we strive to deliver the gold standard in customer care for every engagement. Zowie is one of the few tech providers that empowers us to do so.”
Coley Horner
Customer Engagement Manager

Meet Coley

Coley Horner is the Customer Engagement Manager at Stix Golf. From the get-go, her goal was to make Stix Golf set the bar not just for exceptional golf clubs—but for outstanding customer service too.

The challenge

Since launching in 2021, Stix Golf Co has witnessed explosive growth. After exceeding forecasted revenue goals, they're expecting to double their growth for 2022.

While this rapid growth was welcome, Coley’s Customer Engagement team began to feel the added pressure that comes with a sizable spike in customer tickets. Specifically, they encountered the following challenges:

  1. A massive uptick in repetitive order-related questions from customers
  2. A lack of long-term solutions that could scale with their business
  3. An abundance of complicated, ineffective tools that hurt the customer experience
“As we prepared for continued growth, we knew automation was a must. We realized many available tools simply couldn’t keep up and would only give temporary help. We saw them turning into limitations we’d have to replace in just a couple of months.”
— Coley Horner, Customer Engagement Manager

The Solution

Amidst this growth, Coley needed a solution that enabled her team to continue bringing red-carpet experiences where every customer felt heard and fully understood. More importantly, she needed to find a partner to grow with them.

“It’s crystal clear that Zowie’s capable of helping us not just today—but a year from now, two years, or even more. It provided immediate relief as our requests surged, and it’s a robust system that’ll scale with us down the line."
— Coley Horner, Customer Engagement Manager

After evaluating AI chatbots on the market, Coley found everything she needed in Zowie, which delivered:

  • Instant automation of their most common questions
  • Flexibility for agents to handle more complex cases
  • Personalized recommendations to turn each interaction into a sales opportunity
  • Seamless integration with Stix Golf’s tech stack, including Shopify and Gorgias

The result: Rapid responses, satisfied customers

After implementing Zowie, Stix Golf’s Customer Engagement team was in capable hands to take on any increased traffic. They quickly saw the following results:

Zowie’s Chatbot lets Stix focus on selling

  • Questions recognized by the chatbot: 76%
  • Resolution rate: 56%
  • Increase in traffic: 120%
  • Increase in message output to customers: 87.5%
  • Additional support agents hired: 0
“In 2022, we knew that it had to be possible for an AI bot to support a customer without feeling stale, stagnant, or off putting. And that’s exactly what we found in Zowie.”
— Coley Horner, Customer Engagement Manager

To learn more about direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like Stix Golf, check out our D2C vs. B2C Ecommerce blog post. 

A partnership built for the future of ecommerce

“Zowie helps us elevate our business from an experience perspective. Our customers feel heard and get personalized transactions that meet all their needs. They trust us, and if you have trust— even in a bad situation—you’ll always win.”
— Coley Horner, Customer Engagement Manager

Stix Golf set out with a simple vision—to make excellent golf clubs accessible to all. 

Zowie’s is similar—to enable everyone in ecommerce, brands and shoppers alike, to enjoy the highest possible quality of customer service. 

And like Stix Golf, Zowie recognizes the world of ecommerce is ever-evolving. Every customer engagement is now a chance to sell. To capitalize on this, you need agile, future-proof tools—not sluggish and reactionary ones.

If you’re a forward-thinking brand like Stix Golf, Zowie could be just what you need to level up your customer service. Automate repetitive questions, delight your customers, and convert your support into sales.

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