Q&A: How Giesswein Scaled by Over 40% Across 17 Markets

Discover how to turn your customer support center into a revenue center.
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Q&A: How Giesswein Scaled by Over 40% Across 17 Markets

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Giesswein is a top ecommerce apparel and footwear brand.

Over the years, Giesswein has scaled to $70 million in revenue with just 15 employees.

Watch our Q&A webinar with Maja Schaefer (CEO at Zowie) and Markus Giesswein (CEO at Giesswein) and learn about:

Giesswein’s challenges in scaling their business
The role of customer service & automation in scaling
The tools that were vital to Giesswein’s growth

Meet the Speakers

webinar speaker avatar
Maja Schaefer
CEO at Zowie
webinar speaker avatar
Markus Giesswein
CEO at Giesswein

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