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Your ultimate customer service tool built for chats

Offer instant, personalized assistance.

Maximize productivity across the department.

Seamless communication in 175+ languages.

Everything needed to become a market leader.

A solution for the modern business.

Conversations that matter

Identify those most likely to make a purchase and make them feel special with white-glove service.

Chat–first support

Deliver timely, effective support that cuts the ticket backlog clutter — freeing agents to have meaningful conversations.

“Zowie is the only AI customer service platform you’ll need. Its focus on efficiency and growth sets it apart from all other platforms.”
– Breanna Moreno, VP of CX  at 
VP of Customer Experience

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Agents shouldn't waste their expertise on repetitive work. And with Zowie's ability to fully automate over 70% of customer questions, they don't have to.

Remove the monotony and let agents focus on offering memorable, white-glove experiences that'll keep your customers coming back. From product recommendations to assisting in the sales process, the sky is the limit!

Designed with agents in mind

AI Writing Assistant

Check for grammar and spelling, perfect tone, and optimize length. The ultimate tool to create better replies — faster.

Quick summary

View every customer request at a glance with insightful recaps. Skip the scroll and focus on helping customers.

Auto assignment

Get tickets to the best agent or team to answer them. From reconnecting returning customers to complex topics, empower agents to leverage their skillsets.

In-depth customer context

Immediately know who you're talking to. View past tickets, order status, sentiment, and more without ever leaving Zowie.


Upload existing templates or create new ones with ease. Save time while adding a personal touch to every message.

Optimized to empower managers

Live dashboard

Gain complete visibility into your operations. Real-time updates allow you to oversee agent workload, monitor queues, and promptly identify and correct any issues.

Service levels

Configure custom service levels, priority, and response times for different questions. Gain mastery over all incoming tickets.

Ticket categorization

Sort questions by type and topic. Effectively organize tickets and gather key insights based on category.

Advanced reporting

Uncover key insights and offer data-driven decisions. Our comprehensive dashboard makes it easy to track and report on your most important metrics and KPIs.

Smart routing

Assign tickets automatically to the right team or individual agent for the job. Now, every agent is set up for success.

You’re a team.
Start working as one.

The apex of efficient customer service isn't achievable through AI alone. For that, you need to connect agents, managers, and departments. Don't worry: We took care of that too.


Not ready to reply? Snooze defers the ticket, returning it to the top of your inbox at a time of your choosing.


Sometimes tickets need to change hands. Seamlessly send them to the correct person to finish the job.


Easily and discreetly share knowledge, tips, or missing information to help agents resolve tickets faster.

Experience the difference of a true all-in-one solution

Say goodbye to language barriers

Does your business operate on a global scale? Eliminate the need to hire new agents for every market with the ability to translate all incoming and outgoing messages automatically. Now, agents can flawlessly communicate in over 175 languages.

Be where your customers are

Manage all communications from a central hub. Now, whether they reach out via your chatbot, email, or social media, you can deliver exceptional support.

A true game-changer

Zowie was designed with ecommerce brands in mind. Leveraging insights from industry leaders, we didn't just build the most efficient customer service solution; we changed how businesses view customer support — transforming this department into a revenue center.

Customer Context

Help agents better understand each customer with the ability to access key data.


Gain total control: modify, update, or cancel orders instantly.

Buying intent

Deploy resources more efficiently by knowing who’s most likely to make a purchase.


Automate this process and offer customers the ability to self-service their subscriptions.


Track and view the metrics most important to you and gain data-driven insights.


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Deliver personalization at scale with the power to offer everyone a tailored experience.

Deeply integrated with your ecommerce stack:

Make customer support your new revenue channel